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    I can't post in the buy/sell forum because I don't have permission???

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    I just saw Dave

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    PS. I find it rather strange that a supporting member can't post in the forum before reaching 50 posts! 50 posts is a lot unless you ask tons of stupid questions with no real purpose (if you are a newbie like me).

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    Don't worry, P. You're getting close already. Post in Jon's "what are you drinking" thread. You'll be there in a couple weeks if you have two drinks a day. Or you can get drunk and respond to your own thread several times.

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    tk ... that's exactly my point Still I don't like the idea of supporting something and then find out that there are limited permissions - simply not right in my book!

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    Hi Peco,
    The idea of the rules for the B/S/T forum is to protect the membership from new people coming in and offering knives for sale to which some may not be legitimately represented. If someone sticks around long enough to get the required post count then it's more likely that this person has become part of the community and will list and sell their knives responsibly.

    The supporting membership purchase is made to support the forums and to gain access to additional services. It's not meant to buy credibility within the community.

    I hope this serves to clarify the subject a bit more.


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    Dave, I understand your point! Still 50 crappy posts won't make me more reliable than as a supporting member - in my book. To bad I can't post a buying thread which would benefit some members more than it would hurt. Anyways, that's the rules I guess we all have to live by

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    It really isn't all that hard to come up with something relevant. Are you curious about some aspect of kitchen knives? Do you have any information that might be helpful to someone? Do you cook?
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    Gotta say I fully support the 50 post count and minimum longevity requirement. It keeps us from being pestered by every craigslist selling yahoo. Peco, I can't wait to see what you have to offer, have no fear, we will all still be here when you are able to sell.

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