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Thread: Japan Trip 2011

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    Japan Trip 2011

    Over the last few weeks, Sara and I have been planning this year’s Japan trip. This year, we will be spending two weeks meeting with the craftsmen we work with. I will also be spending a significant amount of time training with these guys… sharpening, blade polishing, handle replacement and repair, etc. During the time we are in Japan, our store in Venice, CA will be closed and we will not be shipping out any orders. However, you can still place orders online. All orders placed within the two weeks we are gone will ship on the Monday after we return.

    This year, we will be leaving Los Angeles on September 17, 2011 and returning on October 2, 2011. Our store will close from September 16, 2011 and will reopen on October 3, 2011. All orders received on September 15, 2011 before 2pm PDT will ship before we leave. All orders placed on September 15, 2011 after 2pm PDT until October 3, 2011 will ship on October 3, 2011.

    While in Japan, we do our best to still make ourselves available to our customers. We will have internet access for the majority of the trip and will be answering e-mails while we are there. We also have Skype if you feel more comfortable with that. We may not always pick up phone calls, but we will do our best to call back if we can. Here is our contact information while we are gone:
    Jonathan Broida
    Skype: 310-594-7802

    Sara Motomura-Broida

    Last year, we did our best to take lots of pictures and update our blog as much as we could. This year, we intend to do the same. However, I will also try to shoot much more video this year… hopefully covering some cool sharpening techniques and knife skills.

    Over the course of the two weeks we are there, we will be traveling to Tokyo, Sanjo (Nigata), and Sakai (Osaka). We will be spending time with craftsmen in various fields- blacksmithing, sharpening, handle making, etc.- as well as some chefs and other non-knife-related artists.

    We thank you in advance for your understanding. If you have any questions or if there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to ask.

    Jonathan Broida and Sara Motomura-Broida

    (you can also read this on our blog here)

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    Perhaps you need someone to come mind the shop for you?

    Just don't take an inventory before you go, I will watch over all your stuff for free....

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    Have a great trip, Jon. I look forward to your report.

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    Awesome Jon! I'm looking forward to the videos, pics and stories!

    Take a look around at:

    Email me at:

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    Have fun! Wish I could come.

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    I am convinced you are living my dream life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    I am convinced you are living my dream life.

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    someone's gotta do it

    i dont think you'd be too happy with this trip though... busy donest even being to describe it... we're trying to cram a month of work into two weeks

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    Jon is the only guy who can announce that his store is basically closing for a couple of weeks and we are simultaneously happy, sad, and jealous. We also think about changing careers and wonder where we can find a cool knife-wife like Sara You're playing with dreamy fire Jon.

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