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Thread: Japan Trip 2011

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    its kind of wierd, but i like the idea of closing for a bit to go and train... a lot of people ask me why i'm not keeping the store open and i just feel like this is more true to what we are all about

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    Just tell them it's more Japanese this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JBroida View Post
    i just feel like this is more true to what we are all about
    When I told my girlfriend about Jon & Sara going on this trip, her first comment was "But... don't they make their living from the store?" To which I replied, "Yeah, but this is the kind of thing that sets them apart from everyone else." I still stand by that. The training, the insights, and the expanded understanding you get from these trips are invaluable to you personally and to JKI the business.

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    actually, it is a financial stretch, but its very important to both sara and i, so we make it work...

    anyways, len, its really nice to hear comments like that. it means a lot to us. I'm glad you guys see where we are coming from.

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    Have a great trip - and I'd like to see some handle making videos, please


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    Reminder- Japanese Knife Imports will be closed from the end of today (September 15th) to October 2nd while we continue our training in Japan... you can read more about our trip here:
    Read about our Japan Trip plans

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    So, after an extremely long day of travel yesteray (12 hours on a plane and 3.5 hours on a train), we finally made it to our first destination. Its about 6:30am here now and sara and i are getting ready for our first two meetings. I brought 4 memory cards this year, so i will try to take as much video as possible

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    Can't wait to see the videos!

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    Are you tweeting this? I'd get twitter again to follow this.

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