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Thread: F'in Tilapia...

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    I actually made tacos tonight for staff meal just to see what the reaction was. Overall everyone was impressed. I made a tempura batter and fried the fish, then I finished it with pico de gallo, radicchio, and a cilantro lime cream sauce made with mexican table cream.

    However, I work at a wine bar where most of the food is French/Italian/Spanish/American to reflect our wine menu. We have done tacos before and they have sold, but it kinda devalues the restaurant.

    I think tomorrow I'll go with the parmesan crusted route or the florentine route. Personally I love putting a champagne beurre blanc on bland seafood, it really classes up an otherwise mediocre dish. I'll probably marinade the fish in some champagne as well. Remember, I work at a wine bar so the champagne FLOWS around here. In fact all wine flows so much I started making my own vinegars with the left over bottles we have.
    How about a fritto misto special since you do Italian food? Use that batter that you used for the tacos, but add a few fried lemon slices, in season and cheap veg like green beans or zucchini, yellow/white onion rings (cheap), some calamari and serve with a flavored mayo/aioli? Have the bar manager push some nice crisp white wines to go with it.
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    Bastardized carpaccio or ceviche maybe?

    You could always grind it for chum, call it a day & go fishin'
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    OK, haters, I am among the great unwashed who actually like the taste of swai/basa-quick, cheap, & neutral. I dust w/ Wondra & Old Bay, pan fry in canola/olive oil. Kids will eat it, leftovers are good w/ a squirt of lime or in an escabeche. I think it would be good in a chowder, although I've never tried it...

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    I would do the Mexican,Spanish, or Portuguese influenced dishes like tacos as stated above, or blackened , or maybe a dish with tomatoes. The earthy flavor does well with these types of preparations

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    Real hard to mess up blackened Tilapia with pico and cilantro tacos.

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