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Thread: what are you drinking tonight?

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    Calling all winos. Here is what I drank at deer camp this weekend. How'd I do?
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    Spokane, WA aka Spokanistan, or Spoklahoma, or...
    Hales Ales el Jefe@ Hales Ales in Seattle
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    So far Maine Beer Co. Peeper and Sixpoint Global Warmer. Probably some whiskey as well.
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    I have had some very nice bottles from Chimney Rock

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    Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmccurtis View Post
    Samuel Smith Nut Brown Ale.
    If I had to drink only one beer for the rest of my life...this would be it.
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyChance View Post
    EC is a Heaven Hill produced bourbon, so you will probably enjoy some of their other products as companies tend to use the same mashbill for some/all of their lines. Age, proof and barrel selection are what determine one brand from another. There are 18 and 21 year old Elijah Craigs which will probably be expensive and hard to find. There is also a barrel proof version of the Elijah Craig 12, which here retails for about $42 which makes it a heck of a deal. That would be my #1 suggestion, but that can also be hard to find. Other things that come from Heaven Hill (or might as the mysterious world of Non Distilling Producers goes) include Evan Williams, Henry McKenna, Old Fitzgerald, Parker's Heritage, and Michter's 10 year old. They also produce two wheat whiskies, Bernheim and Larceny. Maker's Mark is also a wheat whiskey, so if this wasn't one of your favorites, don't bother. If they were, try the Larceny.

    So in short, I would look for Elijah Craig 18yo or 12yo Barrel Proof, Henry McKenna Single Barrel 10yo, Parker's Heritage 7th Edition "Promise of Hope", Michter's 10yo, or Larceny.

    Right now I am enjoying some Michter's 10 year old, barrel #2341.
    right I will go through these now and see what can be ordered here that wont cost fortunes. Bourbon is pretty expensive in the uk in comparison to scottish stuff for example.

    great response btw!

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    Everyone has gone home after a great day and dinner. Now there is nothing left but me and way to many of these.
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    I ordered a 35cl bottle of Highland Park 10yo which will be delivered to my office today. That's what I will be drinking tonight. It was a great deal, only €5 (normal price is at least €18 in the Netherlands). Too bad they limited it to 1 bottle per person

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