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Thread: IOS V Android

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    IOS V Android

    Ok Everyone,
    You should know me by now. I'm the guy who cooked for like, a little while professionally and occasionally chimes in with useless advice but mostly derails thread with my ADD and starts new ones that die within 2 pages.
    So, why not start a flame war, completely and wholly unrelated to the world of quality kitchen cutlery.
    IOS v Android, Apple vs All the other dudes....
    No seriously, I've been all Apple all the time for like, I don't know, at least a decade but as my beloved iPhone 4S gets almost geriatric I find I'm just not thrilled with what their churning out these days, and tempted to jump ship.
    I also like run on sentences.
    So just curious, who prefers what here? The internet and the world at large has suggested these three things basically.
    Apple has better build quality
    Android offers greater customization
    Apple has a smoother overall user experience (kinda vague there i guess...)
    Ok people, get nasty!

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    Android is pretty freaking sweet. Been on it for a while now. I will never buy anything Apple ever again.
    To each his own though, some people are just Apple people. I don't hold it against them, but it does suck if I try to share a piece of with them. Apple HATES anything that isn't from iTunes.......
    Apple sucks.
    "With great knives comes great responsibility."

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    I prefer the look and feel of IOS. It feels smoother and less gimmicky than androids stuff. Apple makes phones for adults. And Chris just has terrible taste in everything but knives and hip-hop, so don't listen to anything he says😘
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    Never been a fan of Apple software, but always loved their hardware...with the exception of the their mobile devices, which I love whole-heartedly. A great deal more reliable than the Android devices....according to surveys of Android users
    Remember: You're a unique individual...just like everybody else.

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    +1 Android. I changed the battery on my Samsung Galaxy this morning in 20 seconds, with a $15 OEM battery. It was no more difficult than changing the batteries in a tv remote.

    With an iPhone that cost $100 and you have to drive to an Apple store and wait for an hour or more for a Genius Bar employee to do it. That's reason enough for me to stick to android.

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    I loved the android I had years ago but switched to apple because at the time they were killing it. Now I'm not so enthused with my apple products specifically my iPhone 5s but everyone around who has switched complains just as much. Maybe we are all spoiled

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    The Droid here. Chris has this one but his music taste is for chit.
    Older and wider.

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    I like android. Still working ok on my 5 year old Galaxy S.
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    Droid...more options...and more buttons.
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    Memory card slot and interchangeable battery alone will always trump IOS.
    My wife is all apple. Why? Because it's easy. And trendy. I prefer the more customizable options the android offers. I like being able to fully tailor this piece of equipment that is for the most part on my person every minute of the day (save for sleep time).
    Fun fact: the Samsung Uproar came out in 2000. It was billed as the first phone with built in mp3 player. It bombed because the market had no interest in it. I loved that little Zoolander-ish tiny phone.

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