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Thread: Hong Kong Shigefusa???

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    Hong Kong Shigefusa???

    Hi guys,

    I'm visiting Hong Kong in a couple of weeks, and is wondering if anyone knows where I could find some knives, in particular, Shigefusa!

    Thanks in advance for the replys!

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    the chance of a shig in hk is almost 0.

    you may find the occasional masamoto but that's as far as high end Japanese knives goes (I found a few in Shanghai Street where they sell kitchenware

    you can find the ususal shuns, wusthof, henckels, etc at department stores like Sogo

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    Didn't see many Japanese brands when I was there outside the normal globals and shuns, found lots of german knives tho. I did find lots of cleavers from CCK (of course) to unknown local brands made with "german steel".

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    In my experience, the Chinese consider the German brands "the good stuff." And you see a fair amount of Taiwanese copies of German patterns in Asia too.

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    Chances are if they exist and you don't seem like a local you'd be shown the rail knives
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