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Thread: Many Thanks Samit and KKF!

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    Many Thanks Samit and KKF!

    Member "Samit" posted a thread recently about wanting to pass along a couple three knives that he was no longer using. Coincidentally I had recently started working with a newly divorced, long time cook, whose ex got all his knives - just so he could not have them.

    I asked on his behalf and Samit sent me a DP Nakiri to pass forward. Another member read some of the exchange and sent a DP Gyuto to pass along. A little thinning, a quick repair on the Gyuto, a little sharpening and now coworker has probably the best two knives he's ever owned.

    Co-worker will never be a knife guy but he was overwhelmed by the generosity of this forum. As am I.


    Older and wider.

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    Thanks for posting the followup, I like hearing stories such as this.

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    i still like tojiro dps, awesome value!

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