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Thread: Chinese chef knife (cleaver)

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    I have the small misono cleaver. It was my main knife for more than one year and a half and my first high end cleaver. It is thin, with very good steel and is not difficult to put a good edge on it. I was very happy with it at that time. Then I started buying full size cleavers and soon got used to that size, which I prefer now. So the misono gets almost no use at all these days.

    I think it depends on what you get used to, I would say try different sizes and find out which one you like most. I would repair the cck if possible and try to use it for a while before buying a new one

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    If the Sugimoto CM cleaver is the same steel as the CM gyuto, and I see no reason why it shouldn't be, it's hard, easy to sharpen stainless that takes a fine edge and holds it quite well.

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    Suien virgin carbon ??? I think its 220mm, though. But, a good value @ $160ish.....
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    Yeah, I just looked at the Suien VC and I might go that direction, though i read from a lot of people that the handle is really uncomfortable. I'm not sure if they are using the pinch grip, but it seems like if you use the grip you suggested the "Peace" sign grip, which is what I'll be using. I guess I just wanted a nicer quality knife, I don't own that many quality crafted things and I thought I might be able to find something with a bit nicer finish if i jumped up to the $150-200 range. The blade seems perfect but the handle is, well what you'd expect from a $50 knife.

    As far as the blade goes it look someone a pair of pliers on about a half inch long piece of the blade and bent it back until it broke. very strange, not sure how that could happen from a drop in the mail...

    thanks for all your advice!

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