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Thread: UPDATE - Please read if waiting for work from me!

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    Well it's pretty clear that I suffer from hoof-in-mouth disease as I sure put my foot in it this time.

    I find myself in an utterly frustrating situation that has my nerves grating on themselves and having to make one bad decision after another knowing what this brings. As a result I snapped a couple of days ago and I made a couple of poorly judged remarks that I now regret and wish to say that I'm sorry for having done so.

    I care greatly about my craft and all my loyal customers and I won't quit this thing until it's fixed. I'm working towards figuring out a system to handle the workload and once I feel I have something to bring to you I'll post on it then.

    I'm sorry if I've offended. I promise to be more tempered in my future updates.

    Thanks to the mods (daveb specifically) for allowing me to make this post.


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    That's all folks.

    Older and wider..

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