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Thread: New small gyuto/utility knife

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    New small gyuto/utility knife


    I just recieved my new Konosuke HD 270 gyuto from Mark and i am absolutely delighted with it. I debated the gesshin ginga, tad and several others and decided on this knife.

    Anyways, i have now sold a few high street knives so im looking for a new ultility/small gyuto to match the Kono, i would like something that is 165/180, nice and thin, yo handled, supersharp, but the profile i would like is a gyuto profile, petty would be too narrow and santoku would be too high.

    What would the suggestions be please ?


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    In many/most situations a "small gyuto" and a petty are the same thing. Finding that with a Yo handle makes it difficult in this size. I am having a hard time thinking except for the Henckels Kramer or a Miyabi. Have you thought about a nakiri?

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    I know the handles aren't that attractive, but i would personally go with the Carter Funayuki with the riveted handle. I know there are other options out there with better handles, but with the profile you speak of, I'm not sure much out there can beat it. He's got a few for sale on his site that are around 5.0 to 5.3 sun in length. But I'm sure there are more experienced members that can chime in here as well...

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    I have thought about a nakiri but they seem to unwieldy to me, they seem to be like a bigger Santoku. My lack of knowledge might be insulting so forgive me.

    BTW what is the difference between a nakiri and a usaba ? they look so similar

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    I assume you mean something like this ?

    What are the main differences bewteen the blue steel and white in practice ? does teh blue steel justify the extra $30 ?

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    Respectful of the Carter lovers out there, IMO I find them over-hyped. Not a bad knife...just way over exaggerated on their performance.

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    IMHO it doesn't, but then again, I do most of my cooking at home now. The blue steel should be able to hold its edge a bit longer than the white, but most would say that white steel takes on a sharper edge. Again, there are more than a few here that I'm sure will chime in. What's interesting to me, and probably has no bearing on this discussion, but Carter says that his favorite steel to work with is white #1 (which I've also seen stated by other makers as well). Should account for something...

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    A nakiri doesn't feel like a santoku because the edge is almost flat while a santoku still has a bit of curvature for a bit of rock-cutting.

    While a nakiri is conceptually a "double-bevel usuba", it handles and feels completely differently. Personally I think nakiri are great for small jobs with veggies - things that I really don't think any of my petties aren't well suited for. The nakiri is great for chopping veggies, herbs and the like, but I don't find it as multipurpose as a petty. Having said that, I wouldn't want to use a petty for going through a small pile of veggies.

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    Well either you love Carter or you hate Carter - I love my Carter. But Im more of a wa man than a ho man when it comes to carter. His handles are not really that impressive, so I rehandled mine

    IMO his funyakis are top preformers. Its a amazing cutter, and Im waiting for my second Funyaki now I also love cladded knives, best of both world

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