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Thread: Natural Stones: how to use

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    Natural Stones: how to use

    I've been asking around and have gotten a different answer from each person I have asked, so hopefully there is someone here who can clarify this for me. How do you use natural stones? Are they for sharpening or just for putting finishes on your knife (Polishing not sharpening)? Can you use them for sharpening and still get decent results?if they are good for sharpening, just as finishing stones, or medium (grit) stones too? What do you use, which stones do you recommend?

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    I am a pro chef and natural stone collector.....

    For kitchen knife sharpening i use synthetics (Chosera1k/3k/5k) or even diamond "stones" (DMT/Atoma), for finishing striktly naturals..... Mostly Jnats like Ohira, Okudo (only Suita Strata with hardness about 4). I`got a huge collection of Razor hones from all over the world (mostly Belgian, Thuringian, Frankonian, Jnat) but most of them are to fine for kitchen knives...... But superb for straight razors....

    The naturals for Kitchenknives (Ohira Renge Suita, Okudo Suita)are mostly rubbed with DMT to create a slurry and then work the slurry till it is black, then you`re finished with very good results (if you get the right angle :::...

    Greets Sebastian.

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