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Thread: Another one ups the price (Misono)

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    Quote Originally Posted by spaceconvoy View Post
    Interesting... sounds like you bought yours a while back? If Vertigo got his recently and I got my first one back in May-ish of 09, then maybe they've changed the composition?
    honestly i think i bought mine only a few months before you. i think it was around the first of the year (xmas money) of 09

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    Looks like the Amazon loophole is closed. 240 carbon gyutou is now over $200.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    Pics when it shows up!

    I'm really liking this knife so far. The extra weight & heft is a nice change of pace from my Konosuke 210 wa-petty. Definitely not a laser, but thin enough to not cause any complaints, and sturdy enough to not have to baby it all the time. And I really like the narrow (44mm if you're curious) & flat profile. I guess I like my knives like I like my women, not too thin but not too much belly either

    Sharpening the swedish steel is extremely nice - last time I moved from an Aritsugu-A to a Konosuke HD, and it felt like sharpening became a breeze. But now moving from the HD to the Swedish steel, there's a whole new level of breeziness. With my Rika, I couldn't get it to hold a burr - the burr just crumbles away.

    The patina is not as strong as I remember, so maybe it's true they changed their formula, or maybe I've just picked up better knife habits over the last two years. I haven't gotten the chance to chop an onion yet, so we'll see... And the patina in the photos is the result of slicing some cooked chicken breast.

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    Interesting on the price hikes, I looked at cktg last night and the 240 was still $135.00. I wondered if it was a typo, or a different knife.

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    spaceconvoy, is that a 210? Looks great man! Do you think it will replace your 210 Konosuke petty as your go-to knife?

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    Kalaeb: Not a typo, CKTG and EE are both still selling them at the old prices. Who knows how long that will last though.

    And CJ: that's the hundred dollar question right now... Other than their length and double-bevel-ness, they're totally different knives but somehow both great all-arounders. Now that I have both, I don't think either will become 'The' go-to knife - dicing an onion, I'd go with the Misono, making a salad, definitely the Konosuke.

    And yes, it's a 210. As a home cook, I don't really understand why anyone would want something larger. Well, I guess 270 kinda makes sense if you want to avoid buying a slicer. But 240 has always seemed like a awkward middle child, not long enough to really slice, just bigger and clumsier without being more effective for small home portions... to each their own

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