Hi Pierre,

I placed a cleaver order with you back in September 2012, with a deposit paid for half the final amount. Since then I've seen no evidence of progress. It's disturbed me that you have refused to provide a specific date by which you expect to complete it. The generalities of "soon," "this month," and "a little more time" that you've provided since at least May 2015 don't cut it any more. The lack of communication on your part has also been baffling. I should not have to reach out to you every three months to find out what is going on, given how far past original estimates this project has slipped.

I respect your personal problems and understand that unexpected life events happen. That's why I have waited patiently these four years. I also know you can make a great knife, as you did for me back with my first order in 2011. Please show me the same respect by giving a reasonable date and plan by which this order will be resolved - whether that means actually completed as originally planned within a defined and specific timeframe, or refunded.