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Thread: Recommnend a stone to go with a gift knife?

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    A pencil eraser will also clean that type of surface.

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    an eraser or scotchbrite pad is sanding it. you're using an abrasive to remove the swarf. i have tons of fine sandpaper, so that's what i used when i had ceramic rods.

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    I use baking soda to clean my ceramic hones. Works very well. Gets a bit annoying after a while when the rod makes your hands black

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    Quote Originally Posted by swarfrat View Post
    I think the simplest sharpener I've seen is DMT's triangle rod.
    +1 to that.... kind of. If that were just a wee longer than 6" I would whole-heartedly suggest it as well.
    I know this is going to seem like I'm crazy, but by far the easiest honing rod I've ever used was this one: Smith Oval Diamond Hone. It seems almost too good to be true at the price, but it has a larger "flattish" surface area that makes it a breeze to use. My father actually gave one to my sister for Xmas about 5 years ago, he just found it locally at Ace Hardware I believe, but it has been so great for her I've given a few more as gifts since (including to him).
    She has a Henckels 4-Star set and that diamond hone is match made in heaven for that soft steel. I dunno how high hrc you intend to make the knife for your friend, but I have had bad experience with diamond hones on harder steels. The same company makes a similar product in ceramic if that might fit your application better Smith Ceramic Hone.

    If you decide to go with a stone, I like the idea of the 4k glasstone. The fine DMT is still quite aggressive, especially when new, and you could completely blow away a bevel with just a handful of bad passes.

    I love my Gesshin 2k, but I don't think its a good starter stone. It's pricey, and it almost REQUIRES to be flattened after every use or two- so a diamond plate would be highly desirable.

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