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Thread: I apologize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Martell View Post
    Many people have come forward with ideas on helping the Burke family and I want you all to know that I think this is great and that we're hashing out the details in the back end to see what we can do here. I know that Bill wasn't looking for anything but too bad - he's getting it anyway.

    I'll get back to this ASAP.

    LOVE IT! Don't take no for a answer

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    Nice Dave

    Ill contact Harald today, and make a cool wip thread on the sharpening. Send me a PM on where you want it to be shipped. We can ship it directly to the winner as well - this way we save shipping cost.

    The fundraiser is back on track!!!

    For those who want to know more about Shigefusa:

    "The balance of the knife is so refined, it feels like an extension of the hand. In a world where nearly everything seems to be made on an assembly line, Iizuka's knives stand out for being entirely made by hand."

    For those who want to know more about Marko

    I really don't think he needs more intro here. He is out of this world, striving for perfection. The handle and saya on this one is one of the best he ever made. Marko had also started his own knife making, and therefor it will be hard to get a shigefusa with Marko saya and handle. Ill let Marko himself tell about this knife as well

    For me this knife was a perfect cutter. Its also a piece with a nice history, and it is beautiful to look at I consider it one of the best knives in my collection.

    Bill: I was just joking Im in no hurry. Im hoping for a western handle though hehe Take it to Blade 2012 as well

    Harald: Can you call me? My iPhone is down and Im on a "lånetelefon", I don't have your number

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    Time to post my favorite video on youtube:

    The song is fantastic, the performance is out of this world, but the response is amazing.
    And the song is perfect for Bill in this situation

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    Dave, if a straight donation is legal, I'm sure you'll get overwhelming support. I know I'm for it.

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    Knife is given to Darkhoek

    He will oil it and sharpen it. I would like to thank Harald for doing this for free for "the cause".
    I hope he puts up a WIP. The knife is in Mint condition.

    Dave: Any ideas what to do?
    Harald will have it at his place until we are ready to ship it anywhere on the planet
    Harald said he would post some pics. Put it is the Shig on Markos homesite. Maybe Marko can post some pics?

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    i am working on something as we'll take a few days to get all sorted out so just hold tight people....more to come soon....ryan
    viva la revolucion !

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    Best thoughts and prayers Bill...

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    Any news?

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    Ryan needs to talk with Bill, just waiting on this to happen.

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    Six pages and no one has suggested that if we had single-payer health coverage one of the most esteemed knife makers in this country wouldn't be in this fix? Instead, we're taking up a collection? What about all the folks who can't make fine knives?

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