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Thread: I apologize.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unkajonet View Post
    Family first. Best to you and the family.

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    It sucks when people suffer like this, one thing on top of another. I wish the best for your family Bill.

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    Wow bill I new about your wife's pituitary surgery from over at the dog pound. What I did not know is that she lost her sight, very sad. I had to have my pituitary removed in 2006 so I know what it's like and how hard it is but I guess I got lucky. As all the others have sad, knives can wate, we all have to many anyway.

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    Very sorry to hear, Mr. Burke. I applaud your stepping up to the plate in this situation.

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    love ones first. Best of luck to the family will keep you in my prayers.

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    Is the sight loss permanent, or could it be temporary? Best wishes to you and your wife.

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    Im so sorry to hear about your wifes sight loss I know she was ill and that you have a hard time. But there is something really wrong with the world when one of the best knifemakers have to take a "real" job to make a living.

    I can't tolerate this!

    Dave: will you host a Raffle?
    Im donating a new Shigefusa 240 Kasumi Gyuto with Marko handle and says for this one! Ill have Harald (darkhoek) put a solid finish on it as well. The knife is hardly used and will be a really nice knife for the one who get it. I will send it to Marko in NYC for some oiling of the says and handle as well. This knife will be out of this world! Handle is desert Ironwood with a matching says. Ill talk to Harald and we will ship this one on monday. I hope a raffle will make a lot of money for Bill and his family, and hopefully Bill can spend more time making knifes for us nuts! Ill pay the shipping from Marko to the lucky winner as well.

    As for my knife mr Burke. I have lots of time and as Ive told you I want you to take your time. Im happy to see pics of it on Blade Show 2012 Bill: you are meant for making knives, not burgers

    Edit: I know this won't solve your problems. All I hope for is that it gives you a chance to breath and take off some pressure on your shoulders .)

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    Oivind, you are truly a class act! It's people like you that give me hope for humanity.

    Bill, this is an opportunity to connect with your wife on a new level. May your bond grow stronger. You and the family will survive this and overcome. The knife world is not ready for Bill Burke to step down!
    Though I could not caution all I still might warn a few; Don't raise your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools. - Robert Hunter

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    I am saddened by such tragic news.. AS they say.. strike when the iron is hot... and also when the going gets tough... the tough gets going...

    Since i am in the market for a knife , may I start the bid at USD$1,500 ? I hope that it is not too little?


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    sorry sorry to hear bill....hope eevrythiong works out for you.....ryan

    p.s.-unfortunately we haven't figured out a solution for the raffles.....the last one didn't go well to say the least.....ryan

    viva la revolucion !

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