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Thread: J-Nat Club

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    J-Nat Club

    I have read through several of the threads and have not found this particular topic. So, I thought it would be fun..and very informative for us to have a thread for everyone to post pictures of their J-nats. It would provide everyone a way to ask questions about each others stones-personalities and share their experiences. I will post mine a little later, when I have time to take better pics.

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    I wish I could upload from the comp, I'll have to put all on a host site then post here.

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    Hi Chris welcome to the forum !!
    I am looking forward to see your stones

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    Great idea have Dave make it a sticky on top of maxims sub-forum, that way it will be easy to find and not in the way. Think Jon and Maxim should start so us little guys don't get lost in there 100's of pages.

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    Ok I'll get things going here:

    Aizu, one of the best stones I own, ~ 1-3k stone very aggressive, can be used instead of 1k synthetic.

    Unknown ~2-3k that I got from Aframes awhile back, it is very good on claded knives, slower than corresponding synth grit

    Hideriyama -nice soft stone ~6k range

    Large botan nagura

    Hakka- very nice soft stone ~6k

    Nakayama Asagi ~8k

    Takashima Sunashi Suita- this one is very good for finger stones, other wise a bit slow to sharpen on ~10k

    Atagoyama Kiita- super fine but not scratchy #24 stone , great finisher for knives also very good for razors. The black lines are not cracks

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    Shinden Sunashi Suita- very fine and non scratchy stone, with Karasu ~20k

    Shobudani Asagi - prepolisher ofr raors , finisher for knives ~15k

    Big Mejiro Nagura

    A few razor stones

    Oozuko Mizu Asagi- ~30k

    Nakayma Asagi, Kamisori grade

    Wakasa- a superb stone for Kamisori finishing

    Yaginoshima - my best 6-8k stone for razors

    Oozuko asagi- the hardest and finest stone I own > 30k, extremely hard stone

    Most stones are from Max.

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    I just post my most used for now


    Hard Takashima Kiita

    Tenjyou Nagura


    Ohira Range Suita

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    My Collection...For right now at least

    Here is my small but ever growing collection . Like most people who venture into J-nats I had a few paperweights and doorstops that aren't pictured. The key is to be patient, unafraid to make a few mistakes (although costly), and find a great vendor. Be sure and have some in depth and honest conversations with them about your wants and needs. Most of the following stones come from Maxim at JNS.

    My final finisher for razors and the stone I use to put a microbevel on my Japanese Knives. This is an incredibly hard stone and rather difficult to master. I am still teasing out all the possibilities.

    Next Up are a series of Ozuku from full size to razor to traveler. All are final finishers and all have their own unique quirks

    Ozuku Asagi


    Ozuku Razor Hone

    Traveler Ozuku

    Next Up is my Ohira. This is a lv4 stone but provides an excellent finish and is pretty fast for its grit level.

    Okunomon Suita-This is an incredibly fast stone that is an excellent final stage sharpener. It is completely capable of erasing 3k synthetic scratches in just a few minutes.

    Hideriyama Renge Suita- This is quite a beautiful stone, but it is very slow and seems to have quite a limited grit range.

    Full Sized Tenjyou- This one I am incredibly proud of. It has to be one of the smoothest stones I have ever had the pleasure of working on. It is also one of the easiest. Its light color and incredible cutting speed allow you to see an almost instant dark slurry.

    Next Up is a Takashima Myokakudani. This is a great replacement for a fine aoto. And should be spectacular following a coarse aoto. Which I intend to discover for myself very soon.

    The next one is not a J-nat, but I could not resist. It is the best stone as a final finisher for soft German knives that I have found.
    Belgian Blue (BBW)

    Last But most definitely not least are my series of Nagura and finger stones.
    Botan, Tenjyou, Tsushima, ozuku asagi tomonagura, large nakayama kiita tomonagura

    I hope to add some more pics soon

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    above pics aren't showing. likwly picassa set to private>?

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