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Thread: konosuke zdp-189 gyuto

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    I think the profile is the same as other konosuke knives and pretty standard for Sakai type gyutos. I like the profile, but I do admit I prefer a French profile better. The knife maybe worth the price to somebody. I'm not trying to defend it, I'm sure it may be somebody's ideal knife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jaybett View Post
    RRLover from the forum that shall not be named, owns a ZDP gyuto. He put it up for sale, a few weeks ago.

    Japanese Chef Knives, has ZDP knives at a lower price. In my eyes they are also a better looking knife.
    All these knives are clad, the Konosuke is monosteel. Two years back when the Suisin dreamcraft site was all the rage they had (and prob. still have) solid ZDP as an option. From what I remember the quotes people got back were all multiple thousand bucks.

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