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Thread: The Perfect Glass

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    The Perfect Glass

    After the 'what are you drinking thread' I started thinking about what I like to drink, and then I started thinking about my favorite glassware.

    I know that we all search for those perfect knives, but I also love great glassware. About a year and a half ago I ordered two stems of Lobmeyr's Patrician Champagne Goblets. It's an amazing glass (see picture below).

    I know that the champagne coupes are not that practical, but I love the classic look and how they can be used for cocktails too.

    Anyhow, after about 18 months I finally got my two glasses in August of this year. That's a longer wait than a Devin knife, but less than the Hattori KD. And it is a pretty amazing glass.

    FYI -- The photo is from Food&Wine.

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    i like Glencairn glasses (though the ones from several years ago were nicer than what is currently being made), and the Winston glass from Crate and Barrel. i never use the Winston glass for single malt, as the shape is all wrong, but it's great for old-fashioneds and similar cocktails. i'm a really big fan of the Spiegelau Bordeaux glasses, too. i find those to be great with a very wide variety of wines. in general i like thin glasses, Glencairns not-withstanding, but i can usually manage with about anything as long as the drink contained within is a good enough distraction from the glassware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyChance View Post much does a custom ordered champagne goblet cost?
    I was wondering the same thing. I will venture $250 for the set?

    I don't have any fancy custom glasses.... I do have a Chihuly bowl though
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    Custom ordered glasses? I never heard of such a thing and I will try my best to forget it again immediately...

    I just got into Riedel glasses a while ago and still like their cheaper vinum series as everyday wine glasses - I mostly use the chablis glas for everyday whites or lighter reds and the shiraz glasses for reds. I also have a few of the more expensive sommelier series, but they always frighten me a bit because they are so delicate. But I like my sparklings from the sommelier champagne glasses and I love the sauternes ones for dessert wines in general. Undecided about the single malt glass, I usually prefer that in the port glasses. As for beer, I don't have much of a selection, I prefer half liter glass mugs or steins. For some of the stronger artisan beers, I just use smaller pressed glass water glasses. Not the best, but buying new glasses is pretty low on my priority list right now.


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    Mason jars rule!
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    Riedel for wine and champagne here!

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    Riedel Vinum for wine and single malts. beer goes into glasses from my daughter
    Few of my friends own these

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    Quote Originally Posted by wenus2 View Post
    I was wondering the same thing. I will venture $250 for the set?

    I don't have any fancy custom glasses.... I do have a Chihuly bowl though
    Dale Chihuly is an amazing American craftsman!
    Everything in this house is made from clay, cups, bowls, plates, mugs, etc, all different, different potters.
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    first think i thouhgt of was zeiss "glass"
    i dont even want to get started on a nice collection of "drinking cups"

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