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Thread: Sharing a FAILURE

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    Sharing a FAILURE

    So I always use T88 epoxy but for some dumba$$ reason I used something else.I had a gap at the back joint and the epoxy that I dyed black dried gray I hate scrapping handles I stopped sanding after 220, did not want to waste sand paper on top of tossing a handle.

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    Dang...that would have been good looking handle too.

    Although I guess I can't really see the flaw from the photo, sell it as a 2nd to put on a Carter.

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    Failure? That handle looks great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Pescador View Post
    Failure? That handle looks great!

    Here's a close up......NOT WINNING

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    I hate it when products fail, but I don't think that handle needs to be scrapped. Cut through the seam with a good razor saw, or whatever mechanical means in your shop that has the best finest kerf blade. Flatten and reattach with a the T88 go for an invisible seam so you don't have to worry about matching the other epoxy. You shouldn't loose more than a mm. in length. If the handle was to be to a customers specs than you'll still have to make a new one that meets their precise requirements, but otherwise that handle is attractive and perfectly functional after the bad join is addressed. Put it on another knife and sell it for what it is - an attractive handle.

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    Are you insane man! if you don't want it i will be your garbage can....

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    Quote Originally Posted by RRLOVER View Post

    Here's a close up......NOT WINNING
    Though I share your sentiment, I would say, put it to a vote and see how many folks here think it's a failure. Think how many people like different color liners in their handle. The grey stuff can easily pass for one. On that scale, it is practically unnoticeable too.

    Did you try to do Rader-type end cap?


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    Damn! thats a awesome failure,

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    I like imperfections. As a Native American we intentionally leave flaws or make a very subtle mistake on our work, because man isn't perfect only the Creator is. Send it my way and I will honor it.

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