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Thread: Difference between a yanagi, fugu and suji please

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    Difference between a yanagi, fugu and suji please


    These 2 all seem to perform roughly the same task, what are the differences ?


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    Yanagi and fugu are single bevels, suji is doublebevel. Yanagi is the traditional knife for portioning fish, fuguhiki is a thinner version of it intended for fugu (blowfish).

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    Single bevel knives act differently than double bevels so you would have to adjust your style depending on the knife used.

    I use a suji backwards (according to some) cutting from left to right, with the product being cut on the left side of me. I could not do the same cut with a right handed yanagi, I'd have to adjust the whole cutting system. I don't use my yanagi nearly enough at the moment but I'm trying to get that fixed lol.

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