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Thread: Magnetic Racks - Looking for Opinions & Advice

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    Magnetic Racks - Looking for Opinions & Advice

    Yesterday I was having a talk with the maker of the magnetic knife racks that we sell and a few questions/concerns came up that we thought might be best answered by you guys.

    These racks are very nicely constructed and finished and hold knives better than any rack that I've seen, however, we realize that the quality differences can't be seen online. We're wondering if there's something that we can do to make them more attractive.

    We're wondering what your opinions are of these racks?

    How do they compare to what else is available?

    What would you like to see changed?

    If other wood (or other material) options were supplied what would you fancy?

    Any comments at all are welcome!


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    I would look at doing some promo type pictures

    firstly I would show the rack on a wall, with a knife or two in place. the pictures you use now don't give any sense of scale.

    find a way to emphasize that since the knife blade/edge never touches the actual magnet or any steel components it's safer for finely polished knives/edges (you kind of hit that with the rounded edge comment, but the housewife who's looking for a gift for her super foodie friend won't know that rounded edges is that big of a deal)

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    I'll be totally honest-I have 2 types of magnetic knife racks-Ikea, cheap ($5-7) for the beaters over the sink, & Benchcrafted mag-bloks for most of the other knives, for display-these are priced at 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of the ones you have. No one has ever noticed or commented on either of the magnetic racks, only the knives.

    They're beautiful, but they'll be covered w/ knives, many people will want to put the available money in knives...please don't hate me...

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    I've had a problem with my rack making my lighter weight knives(especially the ones with well-convexed faces) float around after I put them on there. Some kind of magnetization issue. If that could be stopped for good, I'd consider that a vast improvement. Do these do that?

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    I'm not sure the "superfluously extravagant kitchenware" market has fully accepted tres chic magnetic racks just yet. People are a lot more willing to spend $180 on a chunk of wood they bang their knives against than on a chunk of wood they hang their knives upon.

    My thinking is, the premium price doesn't reconcile with the marginal performance boost (stronger magnets and better shaping doth not a 300-400% markup make), so the only real way to justify the purchase is to view them as "functional art" with a strong emphasis on the "art;" that is to say, you might generate a little more interest if you emphasize the artistic aspect of the racks through more--and better--pictures of the workmanship, the figuring of the wood, et cetera.

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    Thanks for the input guys, we'll be considering everything said.

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    If you had a cherry version I would probably buy one, I need something that matches my dark cherry cabinets. I have been toying with the idea of making a mag rack out of a spare filler strip of leftover cabinet material, not sure if I want to put the time or effort into it.

    Like said above maybe having photo's of the racks with knives situated on, or a high quality video highlighting it's properties (magnet strength/holding power, aesthetics, mounting options etc)

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    Though I am sure the magnetic racks offered at JKS are better, I've never been a big fan of them. I have one for my sharpening station, and it is a POS, but gets the job done. In my old house I had one, but my new place doesn't have a place to mount it that is convenient. And there there is the wood matching issue too. There are a lot of things to think about on top of price.

    Frankly, I'd rather have a modular box storage system.

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    i have an Ikea magnetic rack that i mounted above my stove, which i keep some knives on, but my best knives are kept in their sayas on a presentation rack under my kitchen's island. i just don't like the idea of keeping carbon knives out in the elements. i like the idea of a modular box system.

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    I had some bamboo ones (SLT?) that worked just fine, but got all stained up from everyday use. Looked like sh*t after a while.
    Nuthin fer nuthin, but I'd like to see some commercial style ones made from polyproylene.

    +1 on Drinky's box.
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