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Thread: How sharp could it be?

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    How sharp could it be?

    A funny story about the uninitiated-

    My bride and I had dinner plans with some friends and they stopped by the house so we could jump in one car, we were chatting in the kitchen and Ro says to her husband Tom, " hey look at all these pretty knives screwed to the wall" we had a laugh and I explained my Martel magnetic block and how it worked. Ro pulls my Ino off the block and I cautioned her, "hey be careful it's really sharp" Tom then says " how sharp could it be?"

    So I took the Ino and said" let me see your arm", I shaved a 6"x2" monkey patch on his forearm in one pass. His face was priceless.

    He kept looking at that arm the whole night at dinner and saying,"I did not even feel it". hahaha.

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    heh, i've done that same thing before, and it's awfully fun.

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    Yeah, I love doing that. This reminds me of one guy that came by and decided it was okay to run his fingers lightly up and down the edge on one of the knives I was using after I told him to be careful. A little while later, he was shocked to find his fingers were sticky from the blood.

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    Great story. In 20 years it will surely have some fight element in it

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    love those stories. I did that with two people who I work with, same priceless look.

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    Can't do the mag block, got visions of coming home from work only to see cats impaled. I had my Betteys all hung up for at one time but they have no sharp tips and I waxed the edges of them.

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    i agree with colin here. they look fantastic all shiny and sharp up on a magnet block but i always feel like either the magnets will fail and my precious cutlery will fall or that in grabbing one, ill really take out a chunk of my finger (it already happened with the heel of a crappy shun serrated knife a few years ago)

    i also have two nephews that come over often and although they are only 5 and 3, they are like little mountain-climbers

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    FWIW I have my block hung on the side of a cabinet with the handles at eye level, much more secure from small fingers than a draw, I would have to lift my hand over my head to grab a blade..

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    I grew up with a set of Sabs my dad would occasionally beat up on a honing steel, and contine doing so until they would cut a hair or two with considerable convincing and pressure(my dad has thick skin and coarse hair). I sharpened his Buck skinner for him, and he went to do his go-to test, rubbing it on his ultra-hairy arm. A swath of hair came off like a Recruit's locks at boot camp. He later said "I never would have guessed it could even get that sharp".

    Forget impressed, forget shocked, forget scared. We go for the confused look here. What the hell just happened?

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