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Thread: Fowler grinder sale knives

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    beautiful knife. That handle is fantastic.

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    I've got one of Stephan's nice handiwork as well, but I haven't gotten in a whole lot of time on it yet. My first impressions though is that it's a beefier geometry with a beefy handle. It's no featherweight.

    I personally like the flatter profile, but I'm going to have to spend more time using the knife to get used to the geometry. Straight OOTB at the moment, it's a different experience from what I'm used to using. Build quality is very nice, and I think the handle and blade both look very good too. It just feels different in the hand and in-use (for the 3 times or so I have used it thus far) compared to the other gyutos I have been using. I just need to get used to it, that's all.

    I've mentally categorized it as a "western deba" kind of knife, although I have honestly never actually used a western deba. Making thin slices of cold cuts isn't this knife's forte. I'm gonna have to see how it feels when preparing a proper meal rather than just prepping a few snacks. I have a hunch this knife is gonna love going through piles of harder veggies.


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    I put in for a damascus blade. It's time to pick a pattern, but I have not seen much of his damascus (only a couple patterns are shown on his blog/ web site). Anyone have a damascus knife from him with a pattern other then 'random' that you can photograph/ post? I sent him an email last week asking if he had any pics, but have not yet heard back. TIA,

    David (WildBoar's Kitchen)

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