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Thread: damn thats sharp experiences

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    From the sb1 pass around:

    Thanks Robin
    I sharpened it on the naniwa akamon 1k red brick and a sweet little light nakayama karasau, finished and stropped on 3 micron natural diamond, and 1 mincron poly crystaline diamond. It's basically the edge I put on most of my knives for work, so no more work went into it than usual. =)

    Cool! I haven't used it yet, but the edge seems very sharp (did the three finger, cut som post-its etc behind a closed office door ()). You have some serious skills!

    This the only feedback I've gotten off the forum though the guys at work call me the knife whisperer or dr. Edge. Must be doing something right.

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    At a recent UK forum meet down the pub it was one of the guys birthdays so we took a cake and the kitchen brought it out for us with a knife. I had my stones with me for people to see and have a try on so I asked the kitchen if they minded me sharpening their knife. They said fine, so I went through a quick 400, 1k, strop on a 5k progression and then gave it back to them. Few minutes later all the guys came out of the kitchen to find out what I had done as they'd not seen a knife that sharp, it was funny seeing them all come out in a pack. Ended up sharpening 3 more knives for them, and as a thank you got a plate of food. They were just cheap victorinox alikes so they weren't ridiculously sharp either....

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    Sharpened misono swedish carbon for my chef. The first use he chopped half of thumbnail off. He have decent collection of knives and definitely have some knife skills, just is not used to working with "extra sharpness"

    Owner of company ordered V2 yoshikane damaskus. Knife came with broken tip... He said to me, "its very sharp out of the box".
    So I just told him "I shall fix the tip" - and thought to myself - and'll show you sharp
    Next time I showed him what this knife does to tomatoes, he was so excited he had some friend chefs coming over to throw tomatoes on that knife.

    But the best moment was when, week after that, he was just prepping small tapas and chopping spring onions with that blade.
    He just stopped halfway, and stared a while on the blade in disbelief

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    If anyone needs a show-a-knife-nut-what-sharp-is experience then please feel free to look me up if you're in the NY area (I'll even go down to the city). Judging by these posts, I think I might be performing in the "pretty sharp but lots of room for improvement" category. Just give me a week or two, I'm between homes, shall we say. Might just need to send it in to Dave now that I'm so much closer to him.
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    I had this cat start out in the kitchen, and was very proud of his beat to hell Shun Classic Santoku. It had several chips, a broken tip, scratches everywhere, etc... I cut him early, and told him I would "touch up" his knife for him... well, I fixed the tip, polished out all the scratches to a nice luster, polished the bolster and end cap, removed the chips, thinned it out, installed a nice mirrored bevel, oiled up the handle; better than new! When I returned it to him, I think he didn't believe it was the same knife....
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    I enjoy reactions I get when I test edges after sharpening them at work on a slow day. Nothing sepcial even. 1k and 4k. I'm looking at Dave's core set and need a base..

    Cutting with a blended bevel for the first time was a good one for myself, Managing some success in maintaining/duplicating the results.
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    After using several Konosuke's in W1, W2 and HD over the past year and becoming proficient at sharpening... I haven't had many "Wow" moments recently. Until today, when I put a fresh edge on my new CCK cleaver, stropped it and started cutting some shallots. I seriously had to stop and say "!@#$%". That just blew my mind.

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    When I started sharpening I would have my boss try out the edges I was getting. One day he stuck it on his nail like he always does, wasn't paying attention and put a good gash in the nail. He yelled at me screaming how sharp that was. The next week I was sharpening his crappy Wusthof's. I now am known as the sharp maker at work. As much as those guys love the beaters I will be practicing for a life time.
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    Last year I bought a new Mora Ice Auger (used for ice fishing). I took it out of the box and noted the plastic cover on the blade with a yellow- Caution Extremely Sharp Swedish Steel- sticker on it. I thought Humph, I know what sharp is; ain't no way this lump of steel with an edge angle of about 70 degrees can be as sharp as any of my fine knives.
    I proceeded to do a sort of back-hand unsupported 3-finger test on that lame looking edge to test it- Holy ****! It took three bandaids, one on each finger to stop the bleeding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zwiefel View Post
    +1 Couldn't agree more. Teaching children about these things, and letting them understand when/how to handle them removes the mystery and taboo. One of my mentors with firearms starting letting his children touch his when he was cleaning them and they were disassembled...then they graduated to helping clean them...and after that to using them. This taught them that these things are about responsibility first, and everything else second.
    These cases remind me of watching some documentaries where the native kids used bow and arrow to hunt and they were also carrying huge machetes. Modern parents will just teach us these are DANGER, STAY AWAY!

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