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Thread: Cook-Line cook pay per hrs/salary

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    Working 17x6 in a Kaiseki kitchen now, I forgot my sister's name for a few seconds last week. Brain is fried.
    A good knives wont make you better, only practice will, a good knife should make you practice.

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    A few years back it was $15+ an hr and 25% tips from servers and 20% from the bartender minimum 3 days/week and meals. The owners were a little stingy, the place was small and sushi made up about 75% of orders and were often in the weeds since it was just two of us and every person ordered a roll or more and the head sushi chef would often be busy making sashimi or sushi plates and special orders so it was really one person cranking out the whole floor.

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    Was there any help available when you got in the weeds. Teach a busboy to help with the rolls. Cooks are under paid but rather be busy edge of being in the weeds than slow.

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    I think around 60~80 cover we can handle, 3 sushi cook and a chef plus kitchen food also. If more than that we ask help from different location chef. It was long days a lot of prep but the food extra a lot we ate all them for our dinner meal, Sushi nigiri can't leave overnight. Not much of sushi roll, a lot thin slice fish with sauce per dish, per person. Food cocktail style.

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    man, i dont know how some of you guys survive. I would die working 16 hours a day. worst i ever had to do was like 13x6.

    my current pay is $15/hour untaxed for easy catering work. It's not steady, but that's perfect for me since im also doing school. worst pay i ever had was working at the place i did 13x6. I got $75 at first, then $80 a day. it was under the table and it was easy work, but still sucked.

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