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Thread: potato soup

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    You're right I meant regular spanish onions in with the bacon. Sorry for the mix up.
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    I do my potato soup similar to Stefan's with the leeks. I also throw some diced or sliced chorizo in there instead of bacon, either grilled or pan fried, can't go wrong with chorizo.

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    Wow, the closest thing to soup I've ever made has been chili. You have sold me on making this on my next day off, thank you!

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    I'm making the potato soup right this minute. I will post pictures detailing my adventure later, cheers.

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    Today for our soup de jour I did creamy potato with Guinness and aged Irish cheddar. Sauteed shallots, carrots, and the potatoes until they were soft, added Guinness, salt, pepper, and worcestershire, then brought to a simmer. Hit it with the immersion blender, added a bit of cream, and pushed it through the chinoise before bringing it back to temp, then slowly stirred in the 2 year Irish cheddar. Served with a sprinkle of scallions and bacon crumbles. Salty and stout potato goodness. Yum.

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    Well, I finally got around to uploading my photos from my potato soup adventure, I hope you enjoy.

    1. I started rendering some high quality smoked pepper bacon

    2. Then I added my mirepoix and scraped up what was left of the bacon once I had taken it out.

    3. A quick shot of the primary tool of the day, my Fujiwara FKH 210mm Gyuto

    4. I then added one bottle of Newcastle beer and 8 cups of low sodium chicken stock to the mirepoix and diced red potatos

    5. My sous chef Zoey, she does a great job of making sure to alert me if things are about to burn.

    6. Crispy bacon waiting to be added as a final garnish, so tempting for both my sous and myself to snack on.

    7. Here is the final result with finely minced chive and bacon garnish, we sure did enjoy this, thanks again Delbert.

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