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Thread: Thermapen Customer Service A+

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    Thermapen Customer Service A+

    Hey guys...just thought I'd give a shout out to Thermapen for great customer service. I have a Thermapen that developed a crack across the crystal display and into the case itself. No idea how it got there... No abuse on my end that I can recall... Regardless, I emailed Thermapen Customer Service last Friday with the problem and they promptly replied and gave me a return address and a RMA #. I mailed it last Saturday USPS Priority. They got it on Monday and emailed me to say they would fix it free and it would go out on Tuesday. I got it in the mail the AM...looks like new! That's less than a week turnaround door to door! If you break your Thermapen don't toss it...get it repaired!


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    I love my Thermapen. I've had it for at least 5 years now (I can't recall exactly when I bought it) and it's still working great. I use it at least every other day for everything from spot checking temperature of meats, barbecuing and frying. I've even only changed the battery once.

    I had one issue with it, which was the display looking a little weird. I called customer service and they said to try pushing the display down until it clicks - sometimes it gets dislodged - and that should fix it. It did.

    This is one piece of equipment that everyone should have. It's so much faster than most other thermometers, and can be used well below zero to up to almost 600 degrees as I recall. I recommended a Thermapen to a co-worker, who then bought one, liked it so much, he bought it for another friend as a present.
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    Agree. Mine was dropped by someone (not me) and it cracked. They replaced it really quickly.

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    I need to call them. I have two, one of the old style and the newer version. When I got the new one, I did some measurements to compare results. The older one was off by almost 4 degrees. I'v tried to recalibrate it, but it never stays adjusted.
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    I like mine so much that I gave one to each of my 3 sisters last Xmas!
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    Love,Love, Love, my Thermapen products!

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