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Thread: Long time looking first time posting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Berger View Post
    Things like this happen occasionally but noone nessisarily takes it seriously. For about twenty years when they measured the mass of these objects (the particles in question are called neutrinos) they found that the (mass^2) value was negative. The error bars made it reasonable to say it is basically zero and that is what was reported by if you look at it they basically had negative mass^2. This is obviously ridiculous as mass has to be a positive value. Eventually they found that there were some errors with the detectors and the models and now the mass is positive and that is generally accepted as true.

    It is quite possible that this is a similar thing, they haven't openly said they believe to have found something which surpasses the speed of light. They have been careful to say they have measured it and are asking the rest of the world to scrutinize the result for where the discrepancy lies. Safe money is definitely on the speed of light still being the fastest you can go as there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that says this is true from the last 90 years of physics. Crazy money is of course on the fact that a 6.1 sigma result is massive and if this is real then everything in the last century has been fundamentally flawed and all the textbooks get to be rewritten.

    Noone in the scientific community yet believes that we have found a way to break the speed of light though - but it does make a good headline.

    Surely If I have my warp engine engaged to the maximum of 8.9 I will traveling faster then the speed of light........Welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by Delbert Ealy View Post
    Welcome. I don't know if we were introduced, but I did the mokume lecture and demo at last years ashokan. Did you make it this year?
    If you want someone to bounce ideas off of as far as the kitchen knives go, well I have learned a lot in the last year, and I would be happy to talk shop with you.
    I love physics too, I just didn't get enough math in for the heavy stuff.
    Yeah I've been going to ashokan for the last 7 years or so! I remember your mokume demonstration the year before and have been making some myself with the same method (I showed up last year with a lightning-spear which I'm not sure if you saw).

    I talked to you a bunch this last weekend, the first night about what temp to put my copper-nickel silver mokume at, the next day at open forge I asked if you would show my two friends some forging techniques. I also brought my new stainless knife I made over to you during the knife show on the last day (thanks for the feedback!) and you told me to go onto kitchen knife forums and look at the amature sales forum that Dave just made - so it is your fault I'm here! Didn't remember me at all? I'm hurt Delbert...

    I'm sure I'll have some questions for you eventually - but I've found learning has to come in cycles, talk to people enough and you can only learn more by doing.

    Thanks for the pointers and techniques you (forgot that you) gave me :-)


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    Wow, you have the most advanced scientific title in the modern world, been to Ashokan for 7 years running, and you came here by way of Del? Aren't you just a KKF Blueblood.

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    Sorry, I sometimes have trouble putting names to faces and I guess I really screwed the pooch here. You can blame my amnesia on lack of sleep friday night
    Keep me updated on your progress and let me know how those 2 do on that blade. If I had known you were that heavily into phyics I would have had you up all night with me on friday while I was forging the bloom of steel. That definately would have helped keep me awake(not sure it would have helped in the outcome though)

    Laminated metals specialist, Kitchen knife and gadget maker
    "Build a man a fire and he will be warm for a day, set a man on fire and he will be warm for the rest of his life"

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    Welcome Jeff!

    Perhaps we can sort out using Bose–Einstein condensate to quench our forgings?

    Great to have you here.

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