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Thread: 180 mm Gyuto

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    180 mm Gyuto


    Still have not settled on a new small gyuto.

    Ive looked at several and actually did purchase the Tojiro 180mm, loved the profile and shape the handle quality was awful. The issue is that i have the Konosuke HD 270 yo handle and that thing is beautiful, everything about it is great. I have to live upto that standard, if they made a 180mm i wold be sorted but they dont

    What i need is the 180mm version of that knife, steel can change but it needs to be 50-50 bevel, thin, yo handled and finished very well in all areas. Budget is reasonably good at upto $200 + shipping etc so i think its realistic to get what i want its just that i cant find it.

    Any suggestions ?

    The previous ones i was thinking about are going to fall down on the fit & finish, the best option i can find is the Tadnatsuna in INOX or white. If i went that way which would be better ?


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    Did you see the Hiromoto G3 from JKI?

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    Personally man, I'd just keep using the 270mm western Konosuke, unless you're cooking in a tiny little closet or something.

    What steered you away from the Hattori HD you were looking at in the other, other, other thread? They have a 180mm gyuto, it's western handled, thin, and very well finished for $150.

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    Stainless (19C27) = Minamoto-Kotetsu (Kumadori) 185mm Kengata

    Carbon/cladded = Tanaka Blue#2 Wa

    Ginsan/cladded = Tanaka Nashiji Wa

    A rosewood handle upgrade is available, if I'm not mistaken.

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    Thanks for the info, i know im overthinking this and being a a pain in the ass !!! i know you could use the 270 for everything but for simple jobs like say slicing a tomato for a sandwich it is nice to have a smaller blade. At the end of the day this is a luxury purchase for me, i have just got the knife bug and want something really good.

    The Hiromoto has a right handed bevel and i have a left handed girl friend so I just dont want to get into that whole issue, I had a Kikuichi 6 inch gyuto that was fantastic but i had to sell it to keep the peace so im not going there again.

    The Hattori HD looks good except that the handle looks very thin and the blade is 3mm which seems a little thick for a 180 mm

    I received pricing back for the Tad and its $200 in white steel, i understand these to be a very high quality knife. Are there any red flags for this moeeting all my requirements.


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    Maybe you've already thought about it, but why not just get the Tojiro rehandled, and make it a great knife?

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    185mm minamoto-kotetsu get yourself one

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    I have news for you, all Japanese knives are ground right handed (stock removal) with a few exceptions.

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    60/40 is not that biased, I highly doubt she would even notice. It would be pretty easy to even up anyway.
    Surely you know what the option are by now, as we've seen this thread recently.
    Maybe you remember starting it, I dunno... just under 2 weeks ago?
    -Enjoy the ride. *** All statements made herein are my personal opinion and nothing more, regardless of tone or context. ***

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    Its strange

    I make decisions on millions of dollars at work without missing a beat, buying a $200 knife for home im so indecisive its crazy.

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