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Thread: Time Piece

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    I have a Rolex Sub I bought a couple of years ago, I have no desire for any other watch. If I did, and didn't want to pay a fortune I would buy a Seiko, great watches.


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    Seiko Automatic Divers Watch. Have had mine since 1984. Literally wore it through 2 wars and 10 years of hard military duty banging around in tanks and armored vehicles... Still keeps time as good as my Rolex Submariner...probably better. Unlike my Rolex the Seiko has never needed servicing. I have a Rubber dive strap on mine but you can also get a bracelet. If you are a younger guy you can get a Seiko Orange Monster (Automatic Dive Watch with bracelet) for under $200 easy... Its also available in Black and a few other colors.... .

    Here's the current version of what I wear:

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