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Thread: Inherited Knife....would really appreciate help to identify...Thanks!!

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    OK, I took a look at my reference books and found some (not much) info....

    According to Levine's Guide to Knives And Their Values (4th Edition):

    Referring to L. F. & C. (Landers Frary & Clark), "used BLUE in a diamond on the handles of professional knives in the 1930's and later"

    I feel, based on the size of the blade and the full bolster construction, that this knife had to be from their professional line. I would guess 1930s-1940's production. The value isn't much though, like gic mentioned above, maybe $30(ish)?...maybe more to the right person.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    *Note - I also found a reference (in Goins' Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings) for "Blue Diamond" brand knives c. 1901-1908 trademarked used by Norvell-Shapleigh. Are these related? Who knows.

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    Thank you for the information Dave!! If I ever decide to restore it...I'll give you a call.

    Take Care!!

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    Hello Eric, I happen to stumble onto your post while searching for answers of my own knife. Long time ago in 2014 I rescued a knife from our recycle Centre. It told a story of neglect and age. I posted some photos on this forum but could not get factual answers of where it was made. I posted in 2014 some photos, here is the link, hope one can still see it. [img=] I cannot recall how I managed to place the photos on one drive.
    The amazing thing about your and my knife is that other than the handle, they could just about been the same knife!

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    Very nice vintage, and in relatively good condition. With a bit of work you may get a great performer out of it.

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