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Thread: Acoustic Guitar Recommendations

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    My friend Gary Hudson is an entertainer and guitar repair expert who does custom guitar work for other entertainers. This is what he has to say:

    "What is the best acoustic guitar for the money? When I say "for the money," I am taking into consideration good quality budget guitars, too, which usually start at around $400. So, if one were looking to spend as little as possible for a guitar and still have something that rivaled $1000+ guitars for tone and quality, what would it be?

    "Examined one of these carefully and have concluded that the best quality guitar for the money is probably the Taylor 110 Dreadnought. Quality, workmanship, tone, and feel is outstanding and for the money you just won't beat it. Guitar Center has them for $599 but they can go for $539 on the Internet --

    "Acoustically, the big body is VERY rich in tone. Well worth the money, and if I was starting all over again it would be exactly what I would get. With a guitar made this well at this price, I just cannot see why I would ever need to spend over a thousand dollars again for a truly pro guitar."

    Gary Hudson
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    Sorry, but the best choice is Canadian

    Check out the Larrivee OM-03, which has a list price of $1349 but can be had for less. They are completely handmade in their Vancouver factory. Check out the reviews, you can't beat the bang for the buck. Has better tone than many $3000+ acoustics.

    I might be wrong, but I don't believe any of the $1000 Breedlove, Epiphone, Fender or Taylor are made on American soil anymore.

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    I got more than I was asking for.

    Thanks everybody again for chiming in.

    Maybe we should start a site or What do you guys think? Haha


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    Taylor 110 Dreadnought is probably the best default "insert good acoustic guitar here" kind of instrument. Have to agree there.

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    Most any US Made Taylor or Martin guitar is going to run above $1,000. The sub-$1,000 models are hecho in Mexico. Which is fine. Hell my Fender Strat is Hecho in Mexico and its a damn fine axe.

    For sub $1,000 look at Seagull or Takamime.

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