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Thread: Live stream spam.

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    Administrator Angie's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    Well, the forum is set up to be user friendly, and settings on the servers cannot be changed as there are more than this forum on the servers. So, I'm getting a bit better at the battle. I have a few sites to try things out on before I do them here.

    I do appreciate the server spam information and will run it by the head tech guys.

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    Administrator bkultra's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    If you can't change settings at the server level or higher I fear you are fighting a losing battle. You need to try and control it above the application layer were vBulletin is, this means the server level. Have you tried mod_security? It's an Apache module that seeks out problematic behavior and ends it. If a rule is violated, then the user doesn't even get to vBulletin and resource usage is reduced (this includes your Admins )

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    @bkultra I think whats happening here needs somebody tcpdumping while such spam is posted, to find out what interface of the forum software is messed with.

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