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Thread: my steel.

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    Post my steel.

    hi KKF !

    a small talk about "my" steel

    as you know, i make my sanmaï myself. I use most of time the 145sc for the edge. and soft steel for the outside layers . this is not stainless.

    the steel comp :
    145sc :
    C 1,44%
    Si 0,09
    Mn 0,31
    P 0,006
    S 0,004
    Cr < 0,1
    Ni < 0,1
    Mo < 0,1
    Cu < 0,007
    Al < 0,04
    Ti < 0,001
    Nb < 0,002
    V < 0,004
    W < 0,003
    Co < 0,002
    N < 0,003
    Mg < 0,0003
    As < 0,002
    the soft steel :

    Mn :0.2
    P: 0.007
    S: 0.002
    Si: 0.20
    Al: 0.042
    Ni: 0.000
    Nb: 0.000
    V: 0.000
    Cr: 0.000
    Cu: 0.000
    N: 0.007
    Mo: 0.000
    Ti: 0.000
    Ceq : 0.000
    B: 0.000
    achim W, made another steel, 125sc, same as the 145sc but with "only" 1.25%c and more Mn, for oïl quenching .
    the 144sc , is only for water quenching (or for thin thicknesses , with fast oïl like V35) .

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    Bryan, once opened this pandora box, I would ask a few questions

    - How long have you been using the 145SC?
    - Why did you choose this particular steel?
    - What hardness (range) do you find works best for kitchen knives with this steel?
    - Did you by any chance tried also the 125SC? (I plan to do so soon and am wondering what HRC to go for and what to expect)
    - Do you use other steels than 145SC at the moment?

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    So close to NYC I would say NYC ... but don't tell a native New Yorker!
    It really looks like Achim Wirtz is a/the steel guru!

    I will be getting a SC125 knife soon. Looking forward to seeing how it performs ...

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    The steel is a great choice IMHO.
    I have knives in both (SC145, SC125) and tested a few others in SC145 and I can only recommend them as very good carbon steels.

    The difference between SC145/SC125 is hard to tell, because they're two different knives. Both lasers but one Gyuto and one Santoku. One Honyaki, one San-Mai... from two different makers. But my impression ist, that the SC145 (in my honyaki as well as in the San-Mai and monosteel knives I've tested from JJ Tritz) has better edge retention while SC125 gets sharp a little bit more easier. Neither of them chipped easily..

    But compared to Shirogami 1/2 for example... i'd prefer both SC125/145

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    well i start knife making 6 or 7 years ago , and i start with 1.3%C i 've forged 70kg of this steel ( C130 in france ) , after that i start with 145sc. i have +- 145kg ... and couple of kg 125sc .
    why this steel ? i've started forge learning and HT "with" Eric Plazen, the water quenching guy in France , a famous metallurgist, become a realy good friend, but He passed away a year ago..... so i will never change my way to do . and for be honest, there is no other steel like that, at each blade we can make something better , no big deal, but .... the little thing, That is what matters. And there is no carbon steel who cut like this , maybe shiro 1A , but can't find this one in france .... or very expensive.
    for kitchen knives, i keep the blade at 63/65 hrc.

    as i said, i have 125sc, i've made just 5 or 6 blades, I can say that it is easier to work with.

    another steel ? yes sometimes i want to work with tools steel,but i always go back to my "water steel" , it's more "challenging"

    Achim is a very good friend, and his knowledge about steel is crazy ! he made the 145sc for Eric plazen and some other bladesmith in europe, only 700Kg .... he make more 125sc...
    (sorry for my english again... i hope you understand what i want to say :/ )

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    Thank you Bryan, very interesting. I am looking forward to "challenge you" sometimes early next year

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