As far as my high end work is concerned, these pieces are quite rare. I don't take commissions at the moment on Damascus pieces. But will often offer unique pieces for sale or semi custom as a batch of materials becomes available.
A much more exciting and involving way to sell and buy I feel than a huge wait, It does involve a little stalking, but I make it easy for you, you just join my mailing list.

This is primary place I let people know when pieces or custom slots are available is to my Mailing List. So Join if you are not already there, and certainly doesn't hurt to drop me a note on my website letting me know the area of work your interested in for future reference.

I have also been going bananas on Instagram, playing catch up really as Ive only just discovered it....and I will use this more and more for convenience of showing what Im up to on a day today basis.

Follow me there

I am open to orders for my fantastic forged knives which now have there own dedicated website. You will see some updates on that soon as I'm working on the first dozen or so orders. Best to get your name down soon for places in 2017.

Thanks all, see you there and here of course