I actually change his recipe up quite a bit for my preparation..
Slice a case of green tomatoes about 5/8 an inch thick. Salt heavily, 1c or so and let them cure for 2-3 hrs. Prepare a paste of grated daikon(1/2lb), ginger(3T), garlic(6T), equal parts fish sauce and rice vin(1/2c ea), 1/2c cilantro, 4T korean chili flakes, 1.5c water, 1/4c sweet rice flour, 3T sugar. Mix your paste evenly and taste. I change the recipe slightly every time tasting as i go.. leave it on the counter at room temp for at least 24 hours or until you see a few bubbles, then refrigerate and after a few days, more if you like a more balanced flavor profile and lots of effervescent bubbling like I do. Sand lance sauce or any dried fish will give you a more varied flavor than just fish sauce if you choose to go that route, but the concept is simple. Taste as you go to find your own personal umami in your paste before rinsing your tomatoes of excess salt and mixing. I freakin love this stuff and it's ridiculously low food cost unless you are practically giving it away