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Thread: Mizuno Stainless Wa Gyuto

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    Looking at the knife on JCK, the stainless looks absolutely nothing like the Blue with its torpedo shape. Honestly the stainless one looks exactly like a Sakai Yusuke. And all the others........

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure that this has been verified by someone a while back as a rebrand. Still, nice looking knife...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rottman View Post
    and looks like a Tadatsuna that looks like a Suisin Inox.... after all, it's Sakai.
    forget it, Jake, it's Sakaitown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salty dog View Post
    So far I'm impressed. Good FnF, it's a real 270, narrow profile, thin, light, but stiff, moderate convex grind.

    I has a slightly different profile than their stainless. I have a question into Koki about that. I wonder if they farm it out?

    Looks a lot like a Konosuke. Who coincidently makes a Swedish stainless.
    when I got mine I asked the same question he said they were not OEM. I inquired about custom spec one and they were willing to make it.

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    Maybe it is made in house, I don't know. But I'm pretty sure that at the least it isn't forged by Akitada. The knives are completely different in profile, from the shape of the tip to the size of the emoto. It looks to much like all the OEM knives that we've seen from so many makers. Doesn't mean they wouldn't make you one to spec from that steel, but... it just doesn't look like a Miz to me. Neither does their stainless cleaver.

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