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Thread: Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

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    Senior Member Jmadams13's Avatar
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    Sep 2012
    South Central PA
    Shoulder tonight at home....

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    Senior Member Salty dog's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Sashimi tuna spring roll.

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    Original Knerd of Knives
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    Feb 2012
    Chucktown, SC
    It almost looks like proscuitto.
    "When you're driving behind a Prius, there's 100% chance that nothing exciting will happen" -Karring M.

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    Senior Member DeepCSweede's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    Mequon, WI
    I am looking forward to you working the line this week Scott. Hope it isn't too busy you can keep adding pix.

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    Senior Member TamanegiKin's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    En mi querida Ciudad de Los Angeles
    Mom came by for a quick lunch today.
    Made some marinated flank with street corn.
    Quick, easy and tasty.

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    Senior Member DwarvenChef's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Santa Barbara, CA
    Been working with my SIL on recipe swaps/random dish cooking. Every other week I send her a recipe, and visa versa, she sends me one the next week. We both cook it to the best of our abilities and than we talk about it for a couple day. It's been kind of fun stepping outside of my normal dishes and trying something totally random. This first month things have been kind of simple as she is not as comfortable "winging it" or trying new ideas outside of her limited skills. But I know she will figure it out if I stretch out the skill set a bit LOL

    It's really cool that we are round up to the 1000th post on this thread

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    Senior Member Lucretia's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    Nothing fancy, but it'll get us closer to 1000 posts. Chicken chili. Great for damp and chilly weather.

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    Now is not the time to bother me. And it's always now. Wiley Miller

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    Jul 2012
    Ghent, NY
    Nothing fancy - I had @ 4 lbs of nice smoky ham left from last week so I ground it up fine, made a chipotle mayonnaise and mixed in some sweet jalapeno relish and stone ground mustard. This is a great spread for sandwiches, crackers etc.

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    Senior Member Johnny.B.Good's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Bay Area, CA
    The 1,000th post really should be something fine and fancy (or just plain good would work too).

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    Senior Member heirkb's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    Alright, I'll go for it. I don't think I've posted food in this thread before, but I was bored during Hurricane Sandy and took pictures of what I made. 4 pizzas shown and 2 others not shown. One totally burnt tarte tatin and one slightly under-caramelized tart tatine, lol.

    Sauce, Buffalo Mozzarella, Basil

    All the rest had the same plus...
    Onion, Fennel, Garlic, Kale (?), Sausage

    Same but mushroom (I forget the type of mushroom)

    Onion, Kale, Egg

    Tarte tatine

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