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Thread: Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

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    Labor Day is 2morrow. The last (supposed to be) cookout of the year. I'm doiing Goats, Pigs, and Yardbirds. Have delegated sides, fingers crossed.

    3# of goat - just because I wanted to try it and wanted to SV. It's in now for a 24 hr. bath.

    Dennis bait. Doing 2 shoulders cause it's even better leftover. Will go in to smoker around 10 this evening.

    Yard birds brining per Keller.

    Sausages, to include venison, Italian, Smoked, are thawing.

    More to follow.
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    Looks great Dave! Anything in the bag with the goat?
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    Awesome - thx for the Piggie follow up and that bread is sensational ...

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    I think you and I need to start hanging out.

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    I love it Dave! Where can I get some of those 12qt containers?
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    I must have pissed off the BBQ gods. Prob the St Louis Ribs with Harrisa rub I did last week...

    The heating element in the Anova has crapped out. It started fine at 160 but now it only circulates the bath. Damn. Going to try a crock pot save but goat may be off the menu.

    My good thermometer stopped working when I turned on smoker. I've a backup but don't trust it. But pig is on, smoking away.

    Birds are out of brine and drying uncovered in fridge. Typically they take 3 hrs so 2morrow should be easy day.

    Did I mention the Anova?

    @ Pete. I buy "stuff" at Webrestaurant or Wassertom, comparing prices and shipping costs. Cambro and Carlisle both make quality containers (I think they're the same company now) - pick one - lids are not interchangeable.


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    Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? S...

    Nick sounds like a quality sandwich. You're definitely a busy baker. Might consider picking up a 1/4 carbon steel sheet for your oven. It releases heat much quicker than a baking stone having significant higher thermal capacity.

    After I smoke bellys I'll wash the outside off with cold water and press the bacon under something heavy and chill. Pressing it will create a more uniform shape when sliced but more importantly you'll squeeze the excess water out if it. Look into Sodium Erythrobate

    Dave nice layout. Anova huh? Few things more frustrating than specialized tools failing when needed. I'm a big fan of Cambro too. Wide mouth ball jars, Cambro and SV bags covers pretty much my storage devices.

    Back to the food.

    I pulled a marinated/smoked/braised a Chuck roast with grilled onions and hoarse radish sauce.

    Ever heard of Malcolm. I like him and his recipes.

    Going to do some ribs tonight. Dave bounce me your Harissa recipe when you get a chance. I'll see if I can't improve if. HA
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    Dave that sounds/looks awesome. I've been meaning to try goat at some point since it is widely available down here. Add it to the list!

    Dennis, thanks for the tips. I've looked into the carbon sheets. I just wanted to make sure I would be using them somewhat consistently before purchasing. Seeing as my wife and youngins like the bread I guess it will make sense. I hadn't thought of pressing the bacon after smoking, but it is something I'll do next time. I was mostly just staring at it on the counter, happy that I'd actually created...well, bacon. I also looked into the Sodium you mentioned. Sounds interesting and something I'll keep in mind.

    Things are going to be cooling off here in TX shortly, so that is when the smoker gets going. I've got some ideas of what I want to do next.

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    My Labor Day weekend food adventure. Sous vide choice ribs finished off with wild rice and veggies. Still figuring out my preference for time and temp with the anova, but coming from a Texas / brisket smoking family, I feel like sv cooking is just teaching me more and more about how meat reacts to heat.

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    Lamb Shank w/ Minty Pea Orzo, Citrus Labneh, Fennel Compote & Verbena Pesto

    Old Nogent too


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