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Thread: Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

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    Wild Fire Wings

    These are grilled wings with Big Dave's Wildfire Sauce. They're part of my weekly (during football season) series, Game Day Recipes. This photo is from week 1. You can see the other recipes on The "Q" Review.
    Derek Garcia -

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    Good food day today! Sorry, can't/won't figure out resizing, so you get gargantuan phone pics.

    For breakfast, I made mine and Lily's favorite, "Lemon Pancakes". It is a tradition that started when I had no baking powder and no buttermilk, so I made pancakes with baking soda, milk, and lemon juice. Forgot to buy/make syrup, so I put butter, more lemon juice, and powdered sugar on them. Side of Nueske's Bacon, and we eat until our sternums hurt!

    The last one woke up some flour hiding at the bottom(because I'm not overmixing, and neither should you!), and the butter in the pan burned, so we got a pancake burl.

    And dinner was our Gordon Ramsay special: Fish & Chips and we watch Kitchen Nightmares! My daughter loves Gordon Ramsay, and calls him "chef", it is one of 3 shows she requests to watch.
    Cod was the fish, the batter was made with White Lily flour and Newcastle Ale(and seasonings, leavenings, blah blah), chips are russets, the oil was corn, the beer was room temp, vinegar was malt and the peas were from frozen. I wouldn't change a thing! One of the best meals around.

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    mmmmmm, Nueske's.
    Spike C
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim View Post
    Haha, That's what this forum is for! Do you have a BBQ/Smoker?

    Its very simple, mustard and vinegar slather and a rub of 8 part Paprika,5 part salt,3 part sugar. You can add all sorts of spices to the rub to make it your own. 12 hours at 235-250 and you have BBQ pork butt.
    Awesome, I know what I'm up to this weekend!! Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoop View Post
    Awesome, I know what I'm up to this weekend!! Thanks!
    For pulled pork you should have an internal temp of around 195*, so depending on the size of your butt it could take longer than 12 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ratton View Post
    For pulled pork you should have an internal temp of around 195*, so depending on the size of your butt it could take longer than 12 hours.
    Quite right!

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    Here's last nights dinner. First is a Potato Soup topped with home made Pesto.

    Potato Soup by taylor_e2001, on Flickr

    Next, is a Coriander Pepper encrusted Rib Eye on top of rice, with sauteed Onion, Bell Pepper, and Tomato with a lemon garlic olive oil dressing.

    Rib Eye by taylor_e2001, on Flickr

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    Another good day for my culinary adventures. I started out by drinking some Brazilian coffee and eating a bagel with an un-aged Brie on it. Some kind of "breakfast cheese" from California. Good stuff. My wife made "savory oatmeal", with bacon and pan-fried apples.

    Then I spent the day working on 2 things that are kind of life-long dreams for me. I have a thing about trying foods that are obsolete or authentic, and another thing about making foods like I've never had, but what I think they should be like.
    First is REAL TEXAS CHILI.
    This is Chili. The real Chili. The stuff that cowpokes would eat off metal plates around a fire on the Chisholm Trail. I vowed to not make this with any ingredients that a Cattle Trail cook wouldn't have. So no fresh peppers, tomatoes, etc, and no primo cuts.

    Took the Noonday Onion and sweated it down, till they *just* burned. Took them out, used the hot pan to sear the oxtail and stew meat. Put the meat aside, and deglazed with an entire bottle of Shiner Bock. Reduced it by half, dumped in the tomatoes/beef/onions, green chili powder, smoked sweet paprika, and the adobo sauce from the preserved chipotles, along with salt and pepper. Corn Tortillas to thicken(took about 10 or so) the chili. After that, it was just 4 hours of bubbling and scraping the gunk off the bottom. I would've left the bones in during serving, but it's too messy and my wife doesn't dig gnawing bones like I do, so I cleaned them off about a half hour before finishing, and busted up the meat with a spoon.

    Served with more corn tortillas and a glass of water. I had one bowl, and I was about under the table, it was so filling. ONE BOWL. I usually eat 3-4 bowls of white-city-folk chili.

    While I was managing that, I was babying these things:

    I've been obsessed with apples lately for some reason, and have always been annoyed that "apple pie" is more like "cinnamon and brown sugar pie". So I did *most* of what Alton Brown did to his pies, using Apple Jack in the crust instead of water, using a pie bird, grains of paradise exclusively, and glazing the top with Apple syrup. I used 2 Granny Smith, 2 Braeburn, and 2 Jonagold apples. Slices came out clean as a whistle, apples cooked perfectly, and crust was uniform. Poured some heavy cream on my slice, and I'm feeling pretty good about things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SpikeC View Post
    mmmmmm, Nueske's.

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    That chili and those pies look absolutely amazing, well done sir!

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