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Thread: Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

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    First attempt at gnocchi!

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    Simple and elegant.
    Spike C
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    I just ate, and that still makes me hungry. Nice job, and beautiful pictures!

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    I cut them in 1/2" diameter rounds, but since the sauce was light, I should have rolled them thinner. Oh well.

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    That looks delicious. I love a good bowl of gnocchi, but I have to drive to LA to get it and the one time I attempted to make it it was a disaster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColinCB View Post
    First attempt at gnocchi!

    Nice job Colin

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColinCB View Post
    First attempt at gnocchi!

    as it should be!
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Edge View Post
    I just ate, and that still makes me hungry.

    I just got home from a nice dinner out, and I could eat that whole bowl!

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    Thanks for the compliments guys.

    Side note: they're potato gnocchi.

    They're surprisingly pretty light. I expected to make little bricks, but they seemed to have come out better than I thought. I think running the potato through a fine mesh sieve instead of a ricer/mill really helped make them light with a nice texture.

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    I got a cheap BBQ pit with the new digs, and cleaned it up. I know it's mostly intended for straight up grilling, but this is Texas! It's BBQ time!

    I've never---EVER---made BBQ all by myself before. Sure, I've grilled a billion things, and finished them with the lid closed sometimes...But never the low-and-slow real deal. I looked it up, and found a texas bbq forum, and asked for books on the topic. What I got sounded a lot like here: sure there are books, but they aren't great, most are crap, and this forum is where the real info is. Sounds like sharpening. So I took my own advice, had some balls about it, picked up a few pointers, and used my head. I tapped into my inner Texan and just acted.

    This was $30 in beef ribs from the meat market(very hard to find for some reason), rubbed with my special seasonings, with indirect heat, held at 200-225 for 6 1/2 hours with occasional mesquite chips for smoke.

    Turned out fantastic!

    And a blurry pic of the spread:

    Put the kids to bed, and it was just me, my wife, Yukon Gold mash, homemade sauerkraut, Guinness, my special BBQ sauce, and 9.25 pounds of beef and bones.

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