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Thread: Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

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    Edit: Will have to try not working again.

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    Are you using the "Go advanced tab" for posting?

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    Thanks Jim....Was actually an incorrect Picassa setting...IE user error, most likely induced by the quantities of wine consumed with this dinner last night.

    Anyway...dinner get together last night. We started with soup = white gazpacho.

    Followed by an onion tart...

    Next up...seared scallops with a miso mustard glaze

    roast monkfish, seared foie gras and tomato mousse...

    Then I made garganelli with veal meatballs and chanterelles...

    There was actually a dessert, but we'd had a lot of wine by that point and photos were ....let's say not high on the agenda...

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    Food looks awesome. Is that a redwood burl board the tart is on?

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    Beautiful food and excellent plating!
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    Didn't get any pics as it was fairly unimpressive looking but one of the dishes going on the autumn/ winter menu revision that I'm working on turned out fantastically. Sweet potato, goat cheese, pine nut ravioli with brown thyme butter. Taste tested yesterday and definately going on the menu.

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    Yes on the board - purchased here on the forum!

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    Need more info on the White Gazpacho, stat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurkeCutlery View Post
    Need more info on the White Gazpacho, stat!
    LOL Eamon.....nothing crazy. This was sauteed onion (no brown), lightly toasted blanched almonds, white bread (I use a country loaf, crusts removed, soaked in water, squeezed), olive oil, green grapes, peeled and seeded cucumber, white balsamic vinegar, cold water, salt: All pureed in a Vita-mix. Then strain through a seive, add cream, salt and white pepper to taste, then chill. I served garnished with toasted almonds, sliced green grapes and basil oil.

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