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Thread: Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

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    kale 'n snail
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    onion soup
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    some of the freshest, tastiest scallops I've ever had
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    Mano, everything in the above photos looks amazing! Is that fried kale, and where does one find snails?
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    Well, it's been a while since I've posted a dish, too be honest I have been very busy at work. In fact the dish below is my after work special of ham fried rice and one of my favorite beers, a Founder's Old Curmudgeon Ale.

    -The old man and the rice

    Just the rice
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    Ok, now I have to fix me some fried rice!

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    Weekends, I don't have time to make staff meal, so we eat tacos pretty much every Saturday morning. Its the end of the year so I'm ripping out peppers from my garden and stocking up on everything I need for weeks of meaty spicy goodness.

    Duck legs for confit.

    Pig heads ready to braise

    Pig skull, picked clean

    This year I grew 8 hot peppers aside from the jalapenos that I always have.
    Bottom right is ghost pepper, average 3x-4x hotter than habaneros.

    The sum of my last picking.

    Arranged from mild to hot. Mild one is like a Tabasco, the pint on the right is just ghost peppers and a little vinegar.... Fun times this morning when I gave some to the FoH staff and they need 15 min to go cry it off.

    Tomatillos were a little under ripe because they didn't get as much sun as they needed, but 16qt's of salsa verde still tastes pretty good.

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    What do you do with the peppers to create the hot sauces?
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    Peppers, shallot, garlic, local vinegar, vita-mix....and lots of coughing. We grabbed a 5 gallon bucket of habenaros from a friend at the market to bulk up, but the best are the yellow fatali.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zwiefel View Post
    fantastic photos. you are obviously not using my photographic skillset to take them!
    Quote Originally Posted by heirkb View Post
    Those dishes look really interesting. You should post descriptions

    BTW, you're not from Eagle Rock, CA are you? I can't think of any restaurant that would serve that level of food around that area (and I hate to even imagine commuting around the LA area).
    Thank you for the comments , my other hobby is photography

    I live in Finland not CA.

    I'll edit my post with the descriptions.

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    Looks like i cant edit my old post. so here is the descriptions:

    1: orange shrimp spaghetti.

    2: Gazpacho with Parmesan mousse

    3: Goat cheese and Beetroot

    4: Cold white fish with nuts salad and herbs mayo

    5: Almond cake with lychee sorbet

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