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Thread: Recommendations for Traditional Chinese Cuisine Cook Books?

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    Recommendations for Traditional Chinese Cuisine Cook Books?

    I enjoy cooking and I also have a love for great cook books. I love Chinese food and would love to procure a book or two on truly traditional recipes from the following two provinces, Hunan and Sze Chuan. Obviously I love spicy food, but I am looking for the real deal when it comes to these recipes.

    If any of you have any suggestions, I would appreciate sharing them here.


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    For Sichuan and Hunan, get Fuchsia Dunop's books Sichuan cookery and Revolutionary cookbook. And you might should also get Every grain of rice as well. I love her all three books, and probably are the easiest accessible nowadays for English readers.

    There is another small volume book that might still be in a box since moving house, which I couldn't find it on my shelf and couldn't recall its name.

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    Growing up in southern Sichuan, I think one of the most important ingredient for Sichuan dishes, are the chili and pepper produced locally, which i find it impossible to buy in Australia. Hopefully it is easier in the states

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    Thanks guys!
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