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Thread: Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

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    Thanks. Also clams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucretia View Post
    It was cheaper and faster than Mickey D's for lunch...

    Lucretia, you can cook for me any time. Looks perfect

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lucretia View Post
    It was cheaper and faster than Mickey D's for lunch...

    looks delicious!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hstdrums View Post
    Boned-Out stuffed chicken. A layer of sauteed mushrooms and onions covered with Pork Chicken Liver, Chicken Fat, Sherry farce. Roll the whole thing up, tie it and grill it. Absolutely delicious.
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    I had some dental surgery so I opted for something soft. Portobello and ricotta ravioli in a roast red pepper and duck stock soup fortified with truffle oil, scallion and bacon jerky. You heard that right BACON JERKY - it was delicious.

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    Yum! Make your own bacon jerky? Would love to hear more about this. I've thought about it, but wast sure about the fat
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    Nope - I found it at Aldi - I couldn't pass it up. It's brand name is Simms and is smokier than regular bacon with a more concentrated flavor. I may make some now that I've been inspired.

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    Speaking of resting meat, I made some steak and non-traditional risotto (Cabot Aged Sharp Cheddar and Dill). They both turned out very well.

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