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Thread: Whats cooking? **** Making something fine and fancy?** Just plain good? Show us!

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    carrot sfomato with arugula & fennel salad

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    Can I say it ... Gorgeous!

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    Three recents … sous vide short rib finished with demi / scallop & turbot with porchini sauce and mushies / grilled hangar steak with veal stock

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    cured local king salmon, house made crackers, shaved fennel creme france
    duck confit, asparagus salad & saba
    grill octopus butter beans and salsa verde
    herring escabeche potato salad, pickled jalapeno & onion

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    Braised beef, nori, pickled onion, kimchi, cucumber.

    by hunteryves, on Flickr

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    So many beautiful dishes, well played everyone!~
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    My roommate bought a shark on a whim. Marinated it in sake and grilled off with asparagus. Also had a bit of leftover meat on the fin I simmered into a nice broth with a bit of tofu and wakame.

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    Nicely rubbed chicken with a beer up it's butt ready for the grill. More pics to come as the chicken is finished
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    squid ink pasta

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    That shrimp looks yummy...so that will be served at the ECG right? LOL

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