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Thread: My favorite color is BLUE!.............A patina thread.

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    Vintage sab

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    I am saddled with the awesome trait of being quite colorblind with shades and so I find it difficult to know if I have a decent patina started or rust lol. It's really not funny though, this is more of a serious question. Not that the question is that serious, just that I am, or vice versa. Now I'm confusing everyone.

    But I digress!

    No seriously though, I am really asking here... I have a Masamoto KS and I am unsure if I have rust or the start of a nice patina. It's been lightly used and I take very good care of it, constantly wiping while using it, putting it away cleaned and dried, in fact with a light coating of mineral oil but I am unsure if I have a patina or start of some rust.

    There are blues, greys, some yellowish, but then clouds of orange-ish reddish blotches by the edge, but I am unsure if it is this color or I am seeing it weird cause of my color blind issues. Then on top of this, some of the pics I see ITT has blades that to me look like legit rust but are oooohed and aahed at, I mean I love the look to, but TBH, I am a little lost.

    Can someone help?

    I mean as an in general as well as specific, I get pics would be the cure all but my only camera is my piece of crap camera phone on my "4 year old used to be head of the smart class" phone which is now a middle of the pack Special Olympic competitor.

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    Sakai Yusuke that Jon rehandled and refinished. After some home use:

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    Quote Originally Posted by brianh View Post
    Sakai Yusuke that Jon rehandled and refinished. After some home use:
    Dude I feel like you brought your knife to a park bench in Fort Lee.

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    Haha, just my crappy front steps. My knowledge of Fort Lee is largely horrible traffic and So Kong Dong soft tofu on Main Street.

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    here's some kato for you. 240 dragon, a great knife and if you like patina this one deals it out in bright vivid colors. I usually don't keep patina, but for some reason it worked with the dragon.

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    That looks real nice.
    "God sends meat and the devil sends cooks." - Thomas Deloney

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    I don't normally care about patina or patina pics...but here's one.

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    My Mizuno, after a couple weeks OOTB

    Did maintainance thinning, plus polishing with natural aoto this is a week later:

    I find myself having to scrub it down whenever I cut fruits in a hurry pre service and don't get it fully wiped dry. Little spots where the small amounts water sat after a damp towel wipe turning brown and I fear its rusting. so half of that last picture got removed yesterday after cutting fresh figs for the foie dish

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    XooMG, that Shig finish rises to the level of art. Hell, I'd buy a print of it and frame it in my kitchen.

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