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Thread: Looking to buy second gyuto, have 210, want a 240

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    Looking to buy second gyuto, have 210, want a 240

    Call a "fix" or issue. I'm rounding out our collection.

    165mmSantuko: Anyru, stainless clad blue core
    150 Petty: Tanaka, vg10
    Tall progress...150ish, more heft than other
    Short petty,?75mm Masakage Yuki, stainless clad, carbon core
    150mm nakiri, T-F nashiji, ss clad, white carbon core
    210 gyuto, T-F nashiji

    For the 240 I'm willing to spend 290.
    Can't be heavy...hand problems.
    I'll be using this for long veggie prep sessions, alongside the nakiri
    As others have nicely expressed....I want both performance and a knife by
    its looks endears me to it.
    True rustic, no bling
    Can be all carbon. I like white carbon
    Good enough at sharpening, and making it apart of my hobby as home cook

    Top choices:

    Jon's Kochi...many choices, not sure which one...most if not all..out of stock...I can wait. Love the look, concerned that it's over 7ounces.

    Masakage Line
    patina may not be the best, but getting good reviews as a semi laser

    open to others,
    open to another 210...but different than the T-F

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    Pm sent

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    If weight is an important characteristic, may I ask why knives such as Gesshin Ginga, Suisin Inox, Tad Inox are not on your short list? No beauties there but any of them would go at least a 7.
    Older and wider.

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    Weight is one criteria, but I want this one to be one that gives me that feeling of endearment. Call be sentimental.
    I want both function and form. To me, I'm willng to pay more than I have had for other knives.
    Western handles don't generally do it, though I have seen custom traditional looking handles with rivets....
    A western handle adds weight.

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