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Thread: Itinomonn Kasumi Ajikira : anyone use this knife as a tall petty knife?

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    Itinomonn Kasumi Ajikira : anyone use this knife as a tall petty knife?

    Would this work as a tall petty?
    I've never had the experience of a single bevel.
    Would it be not big deal to put a bevel on the flat
    side and whalla, one has a beffy tall petty
    that cuts screaming sharp?

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    Since it was meant as a knife for small fish it will be somewhat thicker that what a normal petty would be. But it could be a little fun knife.

    But putting a bevel on the flat side would not only be considered a capital sin around here, but may just leave you with destroyed blade as because of the hollow grind on the left side you would need to take away a quite a bit of material to get some quasi double bevel knife. Since the knife is clad on the right side with soft iron you do not want to push the cutting edge too far right as it could 'leave' the core steel.

    Getting a small Carter funayuki (or Zakuri funayuki in 135mm size if the budged does not allow for a Carter) would be a much more rewarding experience

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    I have the exact specified knife and use as, pretty much, a petty. It is a tenderloin destroyer and rocks shallots, as well. Do not suggest changing profile..... this is a great little knife for a first time foray into single bevels. Keep in mind that single bevels respond/react differently than double bevels and take some getting use to. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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    You would get a very poor double-bevelled instead.

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    Gentleman, thanks for setting me straight.
    I like hearing that one post that it works as a petty.
    Carter has a very striking knife that a forum member sent to me....seems a little extravagant.
    I'm partial to the more rustic knives....I've crossed off a 120mm nakiri from Watanabe...but maybe they have something to offer.
    Hunt mode teaches me a lot.

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    Why not a watanabe petite (as you seem to be interested in a Watanabe)? I read that the 15cm is like a mini gyuto.

    (some info here: , )

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    If you have your heart set on Watanabe - Shinichi has no problem making one to your specifications. Just drop him en email (his English is quite good - no problem with the communication). I was in contact with him before (I did not order a knife, but was close to that). I would consider sending him a drawing with what the blade profile you wish and see what he thinks about it.

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    Sin readily responded. The standard 150mm petty is 34mm wide....which for a petty is about as wide as they come.
    I asked about availability of something
    price would be 200.00 usd. If I stuck with their stock 34mm, total price is 150.00.
    A Carter comes in at 200.00 and it has an ironwood handle.
    If I'm patient I could wait for other less expensive brands to be in stock...Zakuri or Murata...of course, I would have more work on the
    stones. And, I'm fine with that. It's the foundation elements of any knife that good is the quality, how much is the profile
    a good fit for our kitchen? And, it's customer feedback that gets written up in forums that I depend upon. I'm going to read up on the link
    from Riba....he inspired me to keep working on my T-F nakiri. As an aside, it doesn't have the amount of flat space that I would like but
    I've become quite pleased with how it has evolved.

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