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Thread: Newbies first post. Find me a General purpose little one please!

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    Newbies first post. Find me a General purpose little one please!

    Hi everyone, I found that questionnaire thing, I just filled it in for you all so you don't have to ask questions too much.

    • UK
    • After kind of a slicer, something for general work but on a smaller board, around 150-180mm
    • Right handed
    • Japanese knife
    • 150-180 ish
    • Stainless is preferred but not vital
    • Max is £100 roughly, I can push it but cheap as possible with still being decent
    • Use at home
    • Slicing and prepping veg and also meat, on a smaller board, sometimes butterflying, spatting a chicken, scoring pork skin for crackling etc.
    • I choke up on the grip 90% of the time, so a combination of 30% hammer and 70% pinch.
    • With this particular knife, I would be using a combination of almost self-taught knife cutting techniques, I tried to copy from TV chefs. I have had no tutoring. It will either be held free hand with no board contact when prepping meat, or a kind of a push cut. Hard to explain. I’m a newbie after all.
    • Current knife has poor edge retention, feels cheap, is cheap, slightly wrong shape, but almost there.
    • Finish doesn’t matter, but I do really like all the japanese knives
    • Comfortable as possible I guess?
    • Definitely want better food release, want to be able to use it out of the box, I like wedging tbh.
    • I use a wood board
    • I sharpen my own knives with stones, wet and dry ones. I am looking for a bench steel

    Current knife I want to replace:

    Knives I also own:

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    Since you are in UK, buying from US will be expensive in term of shipping.
    Take a look at Ashi Ginga series at directly
    Another possibility could be Hattori HD series or may be even CarboNext (semi-stainless), its on sale now. Both at

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    Hattori HD has sold out, and couldnt find carboNext

    I also couldnt navigate

    how about this? : JCK petty 150:

    Fukiwara 150mm petty:

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    Here is the Carbonext series:

    Click on the oval icon titled JCK Originals on the hme page, on the left hand side.

    I have the Kagayaki basic 210mm gyuto and the finish is pretty good. I haven't worked with it a lot or sharpened it yet so I can't say anything about those aspects.
    Do you really want sth that much shorter?

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