What country are you in?

What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chef’s knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)?

Are you right or left handed?

Are you interested in a Western handle (e.g., classic Wusthof handle) or Japanese handle?
Is not a factor

What length of knife (blade) are you interested in (in inches or millimeters)?

Do you require a stainless knife? (Yes or no)

What is your absolute maximum budget for your knife?
Say $400 cad

Do you primarily intend to use this knife at home or a professional environment?

Both 50/50

What are the main tasks you primarily intend to use the knife for (e.g., slicing vegetables, chopping vegetables, mincing vegetables, slicing meats, cutting down poultry, breaking poultry bones, filleting fish, trimming meats, etc.)? (Please identify as many tasks as you would like.)
Slicing cooked protein mainly
What knife, if any, are you replacing?
Masakage mizu 270 ? Might be 300 sujihiki by anryu

Do you have a particular grip that you primarily use? (Please click on this LINK for the common types of grips.)
Pinch or butcher(pointer finger on top)

What cutting motions do you primarily use? (Please click on this LINK for types of cutting motions and identify the two or three most common cutting motions, in order of most used to least used.)
Pull 90% of time, push if sawing motion required, i.e. larger meats

What improvements do you want from your current knife? If you are not replacing a knife, please identify as many characteristics identified below in parentheses that you would like this knife to have.)
The mizu is amazing, I just want one of the younger smiths works

Do you use a bamboo, wood, rubber, or synthetic cutting board? (Yes or no.)

Do you sharpen your own knives? (Yes or no.)

If not, are you interested in learning how to sharpen your knives? (Yes or no.)
already do

Are you interested in purchasing sharpening products for your knives? (Yes or no.)
have 1k,3k,5k,8k, leather strop, honing rod buying a 120/220 someday and a 12k eventually (when I buy a yanagi)
I am only interested in works by the younger generation of Takefu knife village i.e.
Yu Kurosaki, Shibita San, Ikeda, Kanehiro etc. Currently leaning towards Shibatas 270 r2 suji or knive and stones 270 syousin by kurosaki, the r2 is thinner and im guessing harder, has an interesting yet useful shape and comes well recommended, the kurosaki is made by my favorite smith, has a beautiful kurochi finish and I know is well made given how james is at knives and stones plus I have an account credit, that is burning a hole in my pocket. I have 2 kurosaki knives now a 150 shimo and 240 r2 I got as a gift purchased from the devil by my mom lol(she loves me).

Thank in advance,