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Thread: Recommendations for 270mm Carbon Gyuto

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    Recommendations for 270mm Carbon Gyuto

    What country are you in?


    What type of knife are you interested in (e.g., chef’s knife, slicer, boning knife, utility knife, bread knife, paring knife, cleaver)?


    Are you right or left handed?


    Are you interested in a Western handle (e.g., classic Wusthof handle) or Japanese handle?

    Japanese but western isn't out of the question

    What length of knife (blade) are you interested in (in inches or millimeters)?


    Do you require a stainless knife? (Yes or no)

    Carbon only. No stainless, semi-stainless or stainless clad.

    What is your absolute maximum budget for your knife?

    Preferably below $1000 AUD (~750USD) but thats more to avoid import fees than anything else. Feel free to recommend more expensive knives if you think they are a good choice even after an ~15-20% price increase.

    Do you primarily intend to use this knife at home or a professional environment?

    Professional but it won't get as much use as in most kitchens

    What are the main tasks you primarily intend to use the knife for (e.g., slicing vegetables, chopping vegetables, mincing vegetables, slicing meats, cutting down poultry, breaking poultry bones, filleting fish, trimming meats, etc.)? (Please identify as many tasks as you would like.)

    About half slicing, dicing, and chopping vegetables and half portioning and trimming fish (no filleting)

    What knife, if any, are you replacing?

    240mm ZDP-189 kiritsuke shaped wa gyuto that probably came from JCK, though not 100% sure

    Do you have a particular grip that you primarily use? (Please click on this LINK
    for the common types of grips.)


    What cutting motions do you primarily use? (Please click on this LINK for types of cutting motions and identify the two or three most common cutting motions, in order of most used to least used.)

    Push > slice > drag > chop >walk >rock

    What improvements do you want from your current knife? If you are not replacing a knife, please identify as many characteristics identified below in parentheses that you would like this knife to have.)

    - Better food release
    - Easier / faster to sharpen
    - Less chippy
    - Carbon steel
    - Longer

    Better aesthetics (e.g., a certain type of finish; layered/Damascus or other pattern of steel; different handle color/pattern/shape/wood; better scratch resistance; better stain resistance)?

    - Plain blade, no damascus or KU
    - Don't care for fancy handles, so long as it works well its OK
    - Scratches or stains dont matter

    Comfort (e.g., lighter/heavier knife; better handle material; better handle shape; rounded spine/choil of the knife; improved balance)?

    - Little on the lighter side
    - Octagonal handles best but any are OK
    - I can round the spine and choil myself if it bothers me
    - Blade heavy

    Ease of Use (e.g., ability to use the knife right out of the box; smoother rock chopping, push cutting, or slicing motion; less wedging; better food release; less reactivity with food; easier to sharpen)?

    - good OOTB edge or retailer sharpening is good but not necessary
    - push cut and slice > rock chopping
    - food release > laser but I still like a fairly thin knife
    - the knife can do whatever it wants but smelly or discoloured food is not OK. If it goes away in a few weeks I can work around it

    Edge Retention (i.e., length of time you want the edge to last without sharpening)?

    Longer the better, I'm lazy about sharpening, but not a huge deal

    Do you use a bamboo, wood, rubber, or synthetic cutting board? (Yes or no.)

    End grain where possible, poly where not
    Do you sharpen your own knives? (Yes or no.)

    Yes but not as often as I should

    Are you interested in purchasing sharpening products for your knives? (Yes or no.)

    I use a king 1000/6000 stone and a leather strop for quick touch-ups. I don't want any fancy stones or jnats but if you think other stones would help then recommend away


    - flatter profiles are good
    - Kiritsuke tips or anything equally low and pointy are good
    - I can wait a few weeks for the knife if necessary but not more than a month. i.e. no makers with huge wait lists
    - Used knives are OK but the above applies here, not so rare I'll spend forever waiting for one to come up for sale.

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to your suggestions.

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    Gesshin Kagekiyo

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    Masamoto KS from JCK or
    this Masamoto from Korin or
    JKI Gesshin Ittetsu or
    JNS Toyama Noborikoi or
    EE Hinoura

    Don't know about shipping to Australia though...

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    Are you looking for a monosteel knife or carbon core/carbon clad. You can get the Sakai Takayuki 270 from knives and stones right now or ask when the k tip is back in stock, no import fees.

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    For a low tip with good food release, look at Watanabe. More workhorse ish though. You could also have mert make you a custom.

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